Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to bond with your younger sister :)

A sister can be more than a person you share the same blood.It can be your confident,your therapist,your friend.I can affirm that my best friend is my younger sister whom I've spent beautiful 12 years together.Today I'm going to tell you how my sister and I enjoy spending time.

1)Telling what happened throughout the day.
How was school,if we earned any grades,if someone messed with us,we talk at the end of the day about things like these.It helps us relieve the stress.

2)Asking each other for advice.
I'll admit.I ask my sister for advice from time to time.She also asks me and we try to speak with our heart.It helps us bond and we laugh a lot :)

3)Watching animation movie marathon.
Yesterday we watched not one,not two,but three Scooby Doo movies.We tried to figure out the suspects and see if we find the culprit.It was so fun :)

4)Eating yummy stuff together :)
It helps with the bond we are happy when sharing something sweet :)

5)Going for walks.
My sister hates them :))
I still try to get her off the couch to get some fresh air and Vitamin D.

6)Buy eachother presents.
Even though giving love to each other is enough :)

I hope It was interesting for you guys.
Sorry I wasn't active but I felt I needed some time to meditate and relax and just not use my brain :))
I love you guys :)!

Good night/morning :)!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Big A reveal&Zayn leaves One Direction

Ok so the last 2 days were packed.
Firts,the PLL comes to the end of season 6,so that meant that we finally found out who A was.
I'm not going to tell who it is because I don't want to spoil to you guys anything.
Since I'm not familiarised with all the caracters and obviously the books aren't necessary the same as the show , I'll just have to watch it and understand it.

I'm really like confused with the One Direction thing.
I don't know why Zayn left 1D,but I feel sorry towards the fans because,although I wasn't quite very in to it,I liked their songs.Their vibe and energy and smiles(Ok I get but you can't deny it)made them who they are today,loved and apreciated for their talent and charisma.
I experienced band "brake-ups" so I understand how sad and confused any directioner is right now,so hang in there buddies.What makes me really proud about their team is that they asked the fans to support him unconditionally.In my case,both the agency and bandmates freaked out and "hated" the member who left.I'm talking about Kris's departure from EXO.Yes it's another K-pop band but whether they're korean or british,they're still musicians and I appreciate good voices over language barrier.
I'm going to still listen to 1D and Zayn because they make good music.
Don't be sad Directioners(I don't know if it's with capital letter or like this,sorry :D)!
Everything will be better in the future :)

Much Love!

Alexandra :)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Ok so I found today this awsome&cute table of elements created by Disney to help us learn it in a more fun and easy way.I wish I had it when I had to learn some of them.It's so brilliant and fun to read.Here you go :)
You can find this picture on
I give them the rights for picture.
Please don't sew me :)
I'm a really nice person :)
I told you yesterday that I restarted doing blogilates and holly fish my legs are dead :((
I forgot how impossibly hard her workouts are.If you aren't used to hardcore workouts DON'T try without firts trying her begginer callendars.
I still sweated like a pig.But feel good about myself :)
I want to look good for spring&summer :)
And of course be healthy :)
Anyways,I forgot to tell you I won a competition in writing poems in French.I got second place!:)
You bet I wasn't expecting winnig with a poem describing how bored I was :))
Ahh the feels of winnig :D
Ok guys,I don't know what else to tell you.
Always try things even though you might thing you won't get anything.Where did you think Y.O.L.O. came from?:))
Take risks.Winners participate before winning ;)
Love you all :)
Alexandra :*

Monday, 23 March 2015

New obsession&Motivational Song

Omg like I can't stop drinking tea!
I realised that Spring is here so that means weather might be to warm for tea so it's my current drug.It's so good and I have sweetner,so NO SUGAR sweet tea!!!DESSERT ;)
Have you ever tried banana-cherry tea?Or rasberry-cranberry tea?What are you doing with your life?Like the best things ever!!!Healthy and good!If you have problems increasing your water intake,the best solution is to drink tea.If you want to skip the sugar,try Stevia,it's a natural sweetener from a plant with the same name,really low in calories and healthier.I know it's really expensive,the only downside :(.Being healthy in general is expensive,but with a little effort,it's manageable.
The motivatonal song I was talking earlier is blogilates's song "Bodypop".
It's so inspiring,not just for getting you ready for fitness but also with things that you find difficult to complete right now.Check this song if feeling let down or in need of inspsiration ;)
I'll go listen to it now beacause lack of inspiration :P

Have an easy week guys ;)


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lazy Sunday&My mom's birthday :)

Just kidding...Ok I wish I was kidding.I hope I'll finally adapt to going to school again :))
Anyways,today was my mom's birtday and we ate cake and got indigestion :)).I'm not joking.The irational consumption of cake can cause the "SAD TUMMY" sydrome :(
And was so lazy todayyy :)
AHH Hola for lazyness :)
I watched 2 movies today:
Guardians of the Galaxy&Maleficent.
Both enjoyable and a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon before returning tomorrow to school :P
OMG how will I be able to survive 5 days of school again :(.Sounds like 5 nights at Freddy's for some reason :))
I'm so dead.......
Another weekend I didn't do anything for school.Ehh whatcha gonna do :P
Started doing blogilates again and was so sore and sweaty.The Hot Summer Cardio is fun and gets you sweating ;)
I what to begin challendging myself with some hard core pilates ;)
Plus I got myself a new mat :)
I'm listening to 2PM's A.D.T.O.Y.
It's catchy but I don't know why all of a sudden I listen to them,I don't usually...
Forget it

Ok guys,have an awsome week and sorry for short post ;)
Love you :* to the infinite and beyond,


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Active Saturday

So today was such a relaxing day :)
I biked a lot today.First to get some water(twice) and then to get some food we needed and I saw like the BEST Yoga mat I've ever seen.I returned Imediatly to get it.It's purple with pink floral patterns.It's so beautiful I was a little worried that I wont get to buy one,but they were still there :))
Anyways,I still ate not so good things but watcha gonna do :))
Starting over tomorrow :))
Keeping myself active helps me relax.Even though I feel tired after a workout,later I feel a boost of energy and I feel so proud of myself.Plus,I'm the type of person that gains weight really fast,so I have to be carefull.But having a familly with such sweet teeth,It's REALLY HARD to be healthy,especially if they don't care as long as they eat what they want.Which is not good for them and the doctors keep repeating them to be carefull with what they eat but they don't give a fish.
And also tomorrow is my mom's birthday :D so we already started eating cake :))
Tomorrow I'm starting a diet :)))))
But the thing is that "diet" isn't like that bad,I mean I'm just cutting out sugar and pastry(A.K.A. fattening things).I won't eat a cucumber for every meal.I think that people asociate the word "diet" with a negative meaning.When people ask me if I'm on a diet when I refuse to eat fats or sweets,I answer that I'm just taking care of my body and eat healthy.But they're like NAH,I'm on a diet,I want to lose weight and stuff like that.Which,in my opinion is stupid to judge people by the way they are eating.We all have a choice on what we do on this planet,so who are these people to judge?Only God can judge us, remember?
Ok guys,so to sum up,be who you want to be and eat whatever you want but remember to take care of your health Ok? ;)
I'm not here to influence you in any way.I'm just speaking with my heart :)


Friday, 20 March 2015


OMG like today is the first day of spring,there was a solar eclipse and it is going to be a super moon or something like that and also tonight it's going to be equinox.Holly fish this day is pretty special.
Change of subject.Today I just bought myself a Banana-Cherry tea.And it's super good and amazing!:).It tastes like dessert which is good if you don't want to cheat and still have something sweet.And tea is a good way to keep hydrated and happy :).And also it helps cleanse and relax your body.So drink tea!It's good for you!
I might not be a doctor but I've learnd for the past year on how to healthify and keep strong your body.Altough I'm human who makes mistakes,I try to correct them the next day.Because that's what makes us humans.We make mistakes,but we must learn from them.We should'nt be put down for our mistakes.And even if this happens,we should always stand up.Because that's what makes us winners.
Ok so Sping is here,which means the weather gets warmer,the trees will soon bloom,and the flowers will smell so good:)
Spring is my second favourite season after winter.I like winter mainly beacause of the snow.And also my birthday and favourite holiday are in winter.That's why I'm always excited when December is near.And that means Winter break from the school >:D<.I love Christmas for the presents and that my family reunites and that we seem happy even though 90% of the year we are stressed and sad and lonely and depressed(or is it just me?:)))
I wish life was more than school and work beacause that's what we mostly do.I honestly envy Youtubers for having an easier life.I'm not saying that their life is completly easy but they seem like having a lot of fun and they get to travel a lot....
Ok,so my loves,enjoy spring with it's freshness and let's reborn with the nature toghether :)

Spring is in the air!



Thursday, 19 March 2015

I'm back to make you smile :D

                                Aliena crossing
I'm back!And I feel so relaxed.I finally got some good grades this week and feel soo much better.Plus..
TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy weekend is here...again...THANK GOD :D!!!!
I can now have time to bike and relax and chill and be happy...alone....great...
Seriously now,I hope I can finally be more productive this weekend.I need to cath up with some homework and do some working on the computer for a project that's super important at the end of the semester.
And I really love Friday for it's easy classes and ...It's smells like weekend...Literally :O
Ok so it might not be very interesting for you but....If you like watching k-drama then try Blood.It's realy interesting and guess what..The first 2 episodes are filmed!
I was so proud hearing and understanding my language in a K-drama I kept smiling for a while.
Thank you Korea for promoting our country.But WTF were you thinking when you named our country in the serie Kochenia????Was it that hard to keep the name?I mean hello!!!Dracula was born here!!!!If you've read Bram Stoker's book,It is clearly mentioned Romania and it's cities...The name wasn't changed!And holly fish what were you thinking when you named the country where vampire sckeletons were found Kochenia????So dumb :P

Anyways,hope I brought a smile on you're face cause it surely brought one on mine :)

Holla my crew :)


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Why I've been so silent...

I'm sorry there was nothing for you guys to read but...I just felt I had nothing to share with you.I was not in the  mood.I just wanted to sit and do basically nothing.I feel depressed.All I do is spend my life between 4 walls whether it's school or home which at the beggining I thought was OK,but now when better weather is coming out,I want to stay outdoors more but I don' have with who,or time.
I felt so sad that neither here was an escape for me.My inspiration was down to the center of the earth :(
Whenever I wanted to post,I felt they were to short or even to boring for me to reread and check the grammar mistakes which by the way are present because I'm a human who makes mistakes and doesn't have hawk eyes for finding every single mistake.
Anyways,the good news is that I started watching a new drama(korean obviously):The Moon Embracing the Sun.It is quite boring now at the end,but even in the middle I kind of skipped some scenes.Though the story is interesting and the actors did a good job.
I wanted to start reading some books but I felt so lazy but at the same time I wasn't motivated enough :(.I guess I have some time on the weekends but I don't have the motivation.I feel I've lost most of it.What's happening to me?Life.It's to overwhelming.

I'm going to let you guys now that I will give my best to post and also to return with more positive feedback.And I hope I didn't bore you today because I felt the need to write.They might not be the happiest things I said but I promise that my positivity and my smiling posts will return :).

With honesty and big hopes for the future :)

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Laughing is a medicine :)

I've always felt the "healing" powers of laughing.Whenever I'm sad,I go on Youtube and watch funny Youtubers.This week I felt put down,so for a few days I had a Boyfriend VS Girlfreind marathon.They are such a funny couple that I bet will never stop doing pranks which I don't want them to :))
Anyways,I felt really put down this week by people who I tought were supportive towards me but guess I was wrong.I'm going to admit.I cried.But at least after that I smiled.And a lott.
And then laught.A lott :))
Anyways,today I had the Speaking part at the French  competition and I managed to do well.The topick I had to talk was music which basicly is my life so it was easy :D
Lauging once in a while makes me get back on track.I felt so sad and not willing to continue my life this week I'm so happy weekend came for a little break.I started a new K-drama:The Moon that embraces the Sun.I think some of you might have heard about it.It's good so far.But it has so many caracters I hope I'll remember them when they grow up (in the drama of course ) :))

Do more of what makes you happy :)
A smile is a weapon :)
A cat falling in a toilet is hilarious :))

Love you,sorry for being short.Like I said.Society kills creativity :(
Stay strong!


Friday, 13 March 2015

BIG HERO 6 review :)

OMG...THE CUTEST MOVIE EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At first I though of crying from all the cuteness and the touching things they were saying.But then I couldn't stop smiling from Baymax's adorable expresions,super cute back hugs(which I wish someone would give me)

and the:Are you satisfied?
Gawd too ADORABLE :3
You have to watch this movie.It's so touching,so life inspiring.It basicly looks like an animation with superheroes but it slaps you in the face with the life lessons and with so many morals such as:Loved ones remain in your heart/Loved ones will allways be with you :)
Or Never give up of who you want to be.Or familly is more inspiring than anything else.Or Fight for your dreams.Or never fear to try something scary(Like jumping out of a window :D).Ok,don't jump out of the window,it's dangerous.Only if you own a SUPER adorable fat robot companion.Which by the way is nothing wrong.And 4 other cool genius friends who can turn into superheroes by night.That would be cool :)
Ok,so to summarize everything,just watch this movie no mather age because it's very enjoyable,it puts a smile on your face and you can change your perspective in many points.
The story takes place in an imaginary town called San Fransokyo(which is a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo).Basically a combo of old and new,or western and asian if you want.

The story revolvs around Hiro,a 14 year old who is basically a genius who enters his dream colledge,but there are more ups and downs into his story(not spoiling much).That's when Baymax,his brother robot made for him,appears in the scenario which is the best thing EVER.And of course the 4 other cool heroes.WATCH THE MOVIE,PLEASE!It's the best movie to make to forget a little about the stress of the school,work and a great movie to bond to with familly,friends etc.
Have a great weekend sweethearts :D


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Cause I had a bad day :(

Ok,so seems like all the Universe IS conspiring against me.First of all,I got my results for the final exams simulations.Then I get a freaking annoying foot pain that won't let me be :(
It hurts so bad,and thinking it's been a week since I was sick,I just don't get it.Maybe it is a sign that good things will happen in the future.I hope.
Moral of the day:No mather how bad days might seem,they are preparing you for better news/times.
Here a picture with something delicious to make myself and you feel better ;)

Speaking about diabetees,today was one of my classmate's birthday!He's 18 :O!Happy Birthday altough he's not reading my blog :))
Anyways,we had cake,chocolate...Someone's getting fat this week.Eh,Whatcha gonna do,my leg hurts to hard :((

If you're having a bad day don't forget to smile...or watch music videos with good looking guys,it's the same :)))

Ok guys,seriously now,try to make the best of the worts and things will change.Don't let people put you down,it's not worth it;).

Watch videos with funny cats and forget the worst.The ones with cats and water are just the best :))
In my last blog post,I reminded you guys not to let teachers put you down.I'll repeat it again to remind also myself.And of not only teachers  put you down,f*** everything.Find something that makes you happy.I take singing classes that I'm so proud but might have to give up because I'll probably have to take Romanian tutoring to get bigger grades at the final exams in the 12th grade.
It breaks my heart that f***ing school wrecks my dreams :(
Sometimes building your future hurts so bad :(
Ok,no more sadness...
CAKE CAKE CAKE...That's better :)

Love you all,
Put a smile on your face now!
It's an order!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Don't let teachers put you down

I guess you've noticed I didn't say people,but teachers.Lately,I've been feeling judged and put down by some of my teachers.Some days I just feel like giving up school.It is so hard to satisfy their claims it hurts my head.I just have to study study study.I want to have a life but I have to work my head for grades and watch my life pass like this?Why on earth would a teacher do that to you?
I understand they might not like their job but why would they want to make our life as miserable as theirs.We might not be the reason their lifes&jobs are bad.
And I've noticed they don't make any effort to make their jobs better.They just follow the routine of teaching.And when we have some bad days and might get some bad grades or forget to do our homework,it's just our fault.Have they even tried to understand us?
Sometimes :

I've heard so many sayings like:
A bad day not a bad life but my teachers make me hate my life.Is it so hard to smile or just make our lifes agreeable for the 4 years we have to spend together?
I'm not saying that all teachers are like this but the majority is.Still I'm grateful for those 1 or 2 teachers who understand us and try to make conversation with us and make us pay atention to their classes.

I hope I reached some of your hearts :)

Love you!

I totaly forgot to mention 2 good songs that made me smile a little :)
Yes they are K-pop songs,but the music videos are just to funny :D
Big Byung-Stress Come On
Orange Caramel-My copycat
Enjoy! :*

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Things that make me smile :D

So,today it wasn't the best day ever because my sister caught the cold,I got some extra homework,plus my Romanian teacher revealed that the results at the simulations were not the best.Damn it!
So today I want to take a moment to remember the things that make me happy :)

1.Anything sweet :)
Chocolate,cake,cupcake,icecream,anything sweet.And yes,I want to look like a model.Still,being happy sounds better :)

I just love to escape this world and fall in love with unexistent caracters <3

3.Movies&T.V. Series
Action,Comedy,Romance...Or all in one :D

4.Feeling productive.
Like writing on this blog :)

Who doesn't love winning?
Better when you worked for it :D

6.Eating healthy and working out.
Lately I've been limping trough workouts and eating crap.I'm a little dissapointed but at least this doesn't stop me from speaking 3 languages.Which brings me to...

7.Learning languages.
Knowing you're multilingual is awsome!

After a good night sleep and feeling rested makes me smile.

Either classical or to dance to...MUSIC ALL THE WAY!!!

10.Looking at pretty pictures.
Weheartit is just the best picture source :)

The world is just a marvelous place worth seeing.

12.Knowing the people I love are healthy :)

Without it I'd probably be dead :(

Hope I covered everything :)

Hope to be more productive in the future :)

Love ya!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Good looking actors are fit for action.

Currently watching The Technicians.So far a good movie,the actors selection is really good,the subject is interesting.Shortly,watch it,It has a like from me ;).
School was so long and boring today I literally feel less inspired Boo!!!
I allready want weekend.Also this weekend I tried for a job and currently wainting answer.Why is it taking so long to get one :(.I HATE waiting.Don't you?
Back to subject,how come some good looking actors also can pull of stunts or can play as geniuses.Tham I wish I was them!
Really unispired :(
Hope tomorrow will b bether.
Sorry.Had so  many test recently plus the stress plus a little of bad alimentation...Last week was a long ass bad week.I cannot wait for some Holidays.But by next month our class might go on a 1 day field trip.Awsome!Hope this time we are visiting something exiciting.
Sorry again for short post.Tomorrow I'll try again :)

With love,
Happy belated Women's day!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

That moment when songs get stuck on my head...

I just sing them all the time.They are so annoying but at the same time I cannot stop singing them or watch the music video over and over again.Even though after a week max I might sing another song :))
Right now I'm obsessing with Boyfriend's Bounce.Yes It's a K-pop song.Yes,it's catchy.It's annoyingly catchy.Even the dance is AWSOME.Even the English scaterred here and there is catchy.
Yes,I'm mumbling it right now ;)).Oh no I'm going on Youtube to watch it.Damn you good song!
They're also good looking.I need therapy!!!
Last week it was Rainbow's Black Swan which is so addicting which it's beat and chorus.And also love the dresses they are wearing.Every single one of them.The live stage's outfits are just stunnig.I wish I had at least one of those dresses.

I know what you are going to think.Yes,I love K-pop but I also like american songs.It's just that korean music is so different and unique.And the lyrics are not over sexual and even some dances are fun to follow or you can just enjoy watching.And I now I have a problem but at least It's not an addiction that harms my health in a dangerous killing way.Well,only if you become a saesang fan.That's when things cross a line.But I'm never going to idolise someone in a way I want to harm them.In case you don't know,to be a saesang fan means to love or hate them in a creepy way like wanting to steal their stuff or poison them.And those things happen,sadly.
I hope you enjoyed your weekends,and don't forget to start your Mondays smiling :D

Alexandra :)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

My goals are still very clear!

I'm saying this to all of you feel sometimes like the world is crumbling down around them or on them.
I feel like this so often that I already know what to tell myself':Get back up!
I would rather get back 100 times,I would rather make 100 mistakes but still get up.I'm NOT letting you or anybody to put me down.I have a goal,I see it,I run for it,I get it,I jump high and reach it and become the winner I'm meant to be!
We are always winnig if we get back up after a fall.If you remain on the ground after falling that makes you a loser.
I'll give an example.In 10th grade,I had so many B I had to study for at least 4 A's to have grade A at Romanian.In the last week of the first semester I fought so hard and got them.I felt so proud of myself.The same thing happened in Physics.I needed an A to have grade B in Physics.I hated Physics but I studied my butt off to get that m.f. grade.And got it.I love the feeling of self pride.It's like eating chocolate.You feel euphoric to the point of ultimate happiness.And I'm not saying this because I ate to much chocolate cake today I feel sick but at the same time I have so much energy I cannot see if I'm making grammar mistakes or straight ahead.Do not eat to many sweets or you just bought yourself a one way ticket to Diabetees.And It's bad don't laugh!
The point is that there will always will be people who will put you down.So forget them and look forward to your goal.You can as well give them a good push out of your way.Literaly!

Love ya guys,
OMG I remembered my name/// :O!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Some babies are just adorable :3

Don't you agree when seeing a baby smile makes your day.I love babies even though I'm actually scared of having one :)).Not that I intend having one soon,calm down :))
I think that babies are so cute and soft and cute and fat and AWWWWWW. :)
They melt my heart.Even when my baby sis was an actual baby I loved to watch her even though when crying she was the ugliest creature ever :)).I'm sorry sis if you are reading this but just couldn't help it.
I know what you're thinking and I agree.Some babies are weird.Especially when they give you "the stare".I've seen lots of babies on the street and some of them are just creepy when they watch you without actually blinking :O.
A funny story,not with a  baby though.I was at the doctors,waiting to go in and while waiting,in the lobby there was a little boy.I was wearing my scarf around my chin,so the boy told her parents that I had a beard :))
It was so cute,and the way I was feeling,I needed a good laugh.Thank God I have good ears :))
It's hard to be a parent but seeing your child grow up into a good person pays of.
And if while they've been babies they were cute and silent,even better :))
My mother keeps telling me up untill today I was so noisy and kept waking her up at night :)))
No wonder I like to sing so much today :)))Sorry Mom :))
Don't you just love beeing young.You could be fat and lazy and everybody told your parents you were cute.Now,if you're fat and lazy,your parents call you fat,tell you to lose weight and work to pay the bills.Thanks parents :P
I leave you with some cute pictures!
Have a nice afternoon and Enjoy your quiet time :)


So cute :3

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Shoutout to my sick friends! :)

Some of my classmates have been attacked by the flu,so I'm here to cheer them up.
Since I'm better,I wish them to get well soon and they're not mysing much.The same teachers,the same annoying classes.
This weekend I have French Contest so I hope to do well :)
I also look forward,as always to relax.I'm so tired and nervewrecked.
Still reading PLL.Addiction XD.
To those of you who are reading and feel ,like,really tired,take a moment and breath.Everything is going to be Okay ;)Okay?
I enjoy walking from school and back home,with headphones in my ears.I feel like I'm actually part of the music video :D.But have to be really careful when crossing the street.
The advantage when listening to K-POP is that you imagine doing the dance with the members of the respective band.Altough I feel very awkward when Girl's Day Something pops.EHH :P.
If you don't know what I mean,then watch the Music Video...And Understand :))
I really encourage you to stress less in  school.I know carrying less is not a solution.But carrying a little,just a little less helps.Just still care about your grades and studying.You would be surprised how happy you are when you get good grades.Or is it just me?
Read guys!It's is so pleasant.I cannot believe I waited so much to read at least 50 pages a day.It helps so much.I still have time to study,workout,study....Yeah,basicly I study a lot.It's good for you too!!!


Bye guys!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How I stress and stress talk:)

Lately I've been kind of stressing beacause I had simulations for the final exams in 12th grade,and I really wanted to do great so I kind of stressed when not needed.So now I kind of have PMS even though my period is far away.I craved chocolate today and ate almost a whole bar.I just couldn't stop no mather how my sole said "don't"!And also I felt really sick and tried to take a nap that turned into a deep 1 hour sleep.I felt so weak after waking up.I think the flu I had still has some marks on my body beacause I still feel soreness in my muscles(especially my back) .I'm going to try to take it easy later.
Today I started reading the 4th book of PLL and holly smokes,it's so ADDICTING!!!
If you ever experienced early PMS :))  after or before stressing,it is normal and you're not the only one.SO CALM DOWN.And just take it easy.
I sometimes hate when school does this to us beacause we are exposed to early to stress which in most of the times we can't handle :(.
I think we shoul have more than 2 days of weekend!I think we should have Wednesday also free of school to have time to do all that homework and freaking rest MORE!
We are supposed to be responssible but don't you think a teenager who is pressured can be at around 15-16-17 years?Our generation,in my opinio is so rebelious so how do you expect us to be responsible??:)).I'm not saying we are not but it's harder.Give us some time to mature please!

A lott of blabing .Sorry :D


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The joy of reading

If I could choose between my laptop,my phone and my Kindle,I would personaly burn my laptop&phone and live happily with my Kindle.Well,I would still need my laptop for getting the books in there and to charge it,so forget the first idea.:))
As you know,I was sick for about 6 days,so I had to stay at home.I had to study,I admit,but I would most of the times feel energyless,so I had to lie in bed.And what better way to forget for a little I'm sick than by reading.I've said before that I recently got into Pretty Little Liars.I read 2 of them in 4 days :O.They are so adicting and I just want so bad to find out who IS A and what other secrets does she want to reveal about the girls.She's so evil.I like her as long as she stays away from me :)).
Imagine being followed and blackmailed by a creepy stalker you think is your dead best friend.Scary :(.
I prefer to read books I pick for myself cause I enjoy them more.If someone buys a book for me I'll feel pressured to read that book and give a good review about it.It sucks :(
I appreciate my friends who give me books,but PLEASE ask me first what I like beacause you might screw up with your choices.Not meaning to be mean,just ask.It's not a crime ;)
After Pretty Little Liars,which are 16 books :)),I don't know what I'm going to read next.Basically,not know what to do with my life after this :)).
Any suggestions are welcomed in the comment section down there ;) :*
I would like to hear your voice more often guys ;)
Love you,
Alexandra :D

Monday, 2 March 2015

Some K-POP Songs I'M IN LOVE WITH:3!

As you might have read in my last post about K-POP,I just adore it.
So,in no particular order,here are some of my favourite songs.I might have missed some.Still,no hate,these are personal prefferences,I don't contest any of your ideas.
K-pop is so vast you cannot possibly know it all.
Hope you like.The songs are in no particular order.Like I said,I love them all to the Infinite and beyond(did you see what I there ;)


Songs I love from them and higly RECCOMEND are:On&On
                                                                                       Only You
                                                                                       Rock your body

          Must listen to :Growl
 Songs:Time Machine
                 Him Nae!(Way to go!)

           Songs:I don't care
                      Go Away!

Bonus:Park Bom with You&I
           Dara with Kiss
           CL with MTBD&The baddest female


Honestly,they have that "I'm such a cool guy" which for me is "I'm such a douche".
Still they have a song that is worth listening.It is called "A" as in Alexandra.Get it ;)?

I would like to comment that the song I reccomend does not put in value all the girl's voices.So I think you should look for other songs.But this song sounds so different from their other songs.In some they hardly sing.Thei kind of try to represent the "tough girl hip-hoppy group" that they're not.
Song:Volume Up.


Song I reccomend:Like a cat

SOLO DAY!SOLO SOLO DAY GIRL!Perfect song for Valentine's ;) :D
I'm going to admit.I have no idea what their names are :))

9.Big Bang
Ok don't hate they appear only now.It's just that I don't listen to much to them.No hate please :D
Reccomending "Tonight".

You're seeing well.TWINS!They are the only boy band with TWINS!

Do I even have to tell? Ui&Are(Up&Down)

Songs:Nu A.B.O



Songs:Give it to me
           Touch my body

Song:Ma boy

Songs:Why so Serious?
           Sherlock(p.s the girl in the music video that dances is Taemin)

16.Super Junior
Songs:Sorry Sorry

Special shout-out to Super Junior-M with Swing
                                 Also to SJ-M's Henry with Trap&Fantastic,and also to Zhoumi with Rewind

The best song:Piano man.Although their debut song was nice too.

18.Boys Republic
The most beautiful "She's got it" I've EVER heard :O.
Check out their song :The real one ;)

Songs:Can't stop
           Intuition(the one with rooftop)
           L.O.V.E Girl

20.Orange Caramel
Last but not least,the ray of fun and color in K-POP.
Songs:Copycat and Lipstick.Both fun songs EASY to dance to.

Hope you liked ;)

Alexandra,K-pop maniac XD