Saturday, 16 July 2016

How to get out of the comfort zone


I've started getting out of the comfort zone recently. And I had some help. I'm the shy type, so I needed that boost. There are people out there who are ment to be the in the front and there are people who are ment to be in the back. But it's nice to just switch from time to time.
I began  getting out of my comfort zone thanks to the projects I've been involved because they made me interact with people, and that helped me gain some hope in today's human kind. I was terrified because of past experience and you might be too, but not all people are mean. I had to learn this lesson by going out with my class mates who turned out to be so different when they were not in the four walls of school. This is part of human psychology. We have more than one face. We have three faces: one we show when we're at work, one we show when we're with friends and family and one we show when we're alone. Of course others have developed throughout time like the face you give when your with your crush or your teacher or your cousins etc. Those things are determined by the human brain. The best example are singers who have to put a show without truly showing themselves. They have that stage set attitude that brings you in. But they really have to get out of the comfort zone in order to perform for so many people. That's a challenge! And that's why not everybody can perform on stage. But getting out of the comfort zone can mean going out with your friends to a new coffee shop or a new concert, maybe even a paintball fight or a lazer tagg arena. Get together and challenge your limits. You don't need to always be alone when your challenging yourself. Friends are a huge confidence booster :)

Hope that helped you.

All my love :*


Saturday, 9 July 2016

Why kids lie

So I was wondering for a while why it is a lot easier to lie as you get older.And I'm not thinking 20-30, I'm thinking 5-10, maybe earlier or later.
So I thought of the closest kid I know who lies and why.Me.
Now you're going to think, ''Alexandra you're 18'', but I didn't start lying recently, but way earlier.
When I was about 12-13, I started lying about my grades because, to my family, that seamed like the most important thing in the world, adding to that, I was compared to the smather kids like "Why can they have straight 10 and you can't.Well, for a thing I hated a lot of subjects and I just couldn't shove all that crap in my head, so I was pleased I passed.But I didn't pass with 5, I passed with 7, maybe 8, but the fact that it wasn't a 10 was a huge crime for my parents.You can't even imagine how they reacted to my entering Highschool exams.Again, they weren't bad but not 10.
Back to the subject.Later in Highschool I think I gave up lying about my grades cause I didn't care anymore.And I had higher results than in Middle School.But the stress was just >.<
I asume I started lying even earlier like when I was lied for stealing the cookie from the cookie jar :))
The expectations that my parents had made me lie.The last cookie made me lie.Kidding.
I used to lie about a lot of things to get attention.I didn't have much attention from my family and, after losing most of my friends because puberty(God I hate you), I started making up a life I didn't have.I would lie about trips, or that I went there, did that.Basically anything to impress.I gave up on that too cause I didn't care.I was and still think I'm in the same point.I don't care if I'm alone, with no friends or family.As long as I have an internet connection and lots of books on my kindle, I will survive.And k-pop <3
Ok, not a good message to kids.Go out and make friends!
As a conclusion, what made baby Alexandra lie was trying to fit in and get away from her parents with their unrealistic academic vision.
Now I 'm fine and not lie as much.Now I don't hide.I steal the cookie :))

Hope you enjoyed my post :)

Tah-tah :)

Alexandra <3

Saturday, 2 July 2016


                                                Imagine books, desk, and stack of books

So...Exam season is around the corner...More precisely on Monday...Yay...
To tell you the truth, I'm freaking out and I'm so worried that something might come up and I'm screwed for life.
I hate the fact that I wasn't educated to cope with a bad situation like that(I mean screwing up).All I know is to blame myself if I screw up.Which is not a good mentality.It's a very negative and distructive mentality to me.How can you tell your child if he fails something(no mather how important) they are that it's their fault.#parentinggoals
But I don't blame the parents, but a few parenting books might help.Which is why I thought a nonparent could give  100 better advice on educating a child rather than a parent.I feel a better educater in parenting than my own parents.Like hello!?
Ok, so I've already started to go into other subjects so I'm turning back to my initial thought.
So,exams...Nobody escapes them...Unless you're a filthy filthy cheater..
It's something you'll have to face many times in your life, not just in Highschool, Colledge etc.
You'll always have to face a "showdown" sometime in your life , so be prepared and don't freak out.
If the people around you freak you out, take a break.Travel if you can for the weekend.Go to the pool and go for a swim.Go for a massage.Go to your local favourite shop and buy yourself a treat.
If the internet keeps you nervous or unmotivated, take a internet detox.You won't die.You'll be fine.The phone will be right there after the exams.
Go for a walk.Being an indoor, couch potato won't help you, so get off your butt and go for a walk, jog ,take a buddy(who might be in the same situation).You can become someone's counselour without noticing and vice versa.
Try something new.A new coffee shop.A new museum.Something to stimulate your brain.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.Ask a teacher, friend or parent.Ask questions without being afraid.I even dare you right now!
Write about it.Writing about it right now makes me feel a little better.You try to!

Also, don't freak out!You'll do great!
Spread some good vibes when you take exams :)

Hugs and kisses :)

Alexandra <3

Motivational song:Jessica:Fly(The english version)

Friday, 1 July 2016

A message to young girls

                                           Imagine art, disney, and drawing
When I was a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a princess and rule a kingdom.
Girls nowadays inherit "daddy's" empire with a flick of the eye.

When I was young, I pretended lollipops were cigarettes for fun.
Girls nowadays smoke like the were born with this capacity.

When I was young, I would choose to play outside and run a whole park with my friends.
Girls nowadays chat on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms and "check-in" to seem cool.And they hunt likes for their selfies.

When I was young, girls and boys didn't want to kiss each other's cheek.
Girls nowadays jump from a relationship to another.

Whe I was young, I would get things when I deserved them.
Girls nowadays get everything.

I'm not trying to denigrate girls in this post or make somebody angry.NOT ALL THE GIRLS ARE THE SAME.I'm just noticing how generations have changed, but at the same time I don't like what I see.I'm actually scared for my sister not to fall into any of the previous death traps.And I'm calling them like this  not necessarily because they kill you in real life, but they drag you into a spiral that's hard to exit.Girls have also become more poisonous.They backstab each other.That's sad.Also I didn't notice this happening 10 years ago.Maybe this is just a teen thing.When puberty hits, girls hate each other.I actually have trust issues because of that.Girls can be mean.

You'll notice that all my posts are subjective so YOU don't have to agree with me, nor do you have to disrespect other people's opinion online or in real life.It's rude.If you have valid arguments, then politely prove your point.

My conclusion :Girls, don't cater to any of what people around you do.Cater yourself.
I don't smoke and I have friends who smoke but that doesn't make me want to try to be cool by doing the same.Be your own cool :)
AND build girl-to-girl relationships by trusting eachother.Be nice every time. :)

With love from your Unnie :)