Saturday, 30 May 2015

I finally finished T he PLL books!!!

After a long journey and soooooo many plot twists,I'm so happy I've survived A and I congratulate myself for having the patience to read such an amaizing serie(which Is also 16 books :O)
I've never read so many books in such a short period of time.It's a personal record I'm very proud I've accomplished :D.That's how winnig feels like.
I'm going to be honest.When I was like at the 11th,12-th book I almost lost it.I was a little sick of it.But I survived.
Now the big question comes.What am I going to do with my life from now on?
Maybe study?Good joke right?But seriously study!It's good for you!

I feel so happy I've read this series because I've heard a lot of fuss about these books and the Tv show.And I've waited like 5 or more years for the people around me to shut up for my interest to come back.I told you I'm old school.
Also,I'm so lucky that last year the series was finished,so I didn't have to wait.Which is VERY GOOD!I'm not a patient person.
I hope it was interesting for you and I hope it kind of made you want to try to read the books.
It might have been a boring post,IDK,IDC YOLO I'M FLAWLESS!!!!
HOPE you enjoyed t and I'll see you next time ;)

Bye :DD:D


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What keeps me going...

To all me friends reading this.
I'm not a strong person.
I'm weak,I need moral support which I don't get,so I have go give it to myself.
So today I'm going to share what helps me cope with the pain and insecurities.

1)My dreams.
The best about dreams is that,the more the better.If it wasn't for them,right know I might be in need of theraphy.
My goals and hopes are strong and many enough to fight my insecure self.

2)My sister.
Her cheerful and compasionate character are contagious.Like a virus.A good one though ;)

Escaping my problems through books is heaven.
Reading about exciting characters and their stories...Heaven :)

Classical.K-Pop.Pop.Theme songs(See Narwhal song :))))
Instant happiness.

I wanted to stroll around town to show you my home town.Enjoying the idea?

All kinds of content provided by Youtubers.The funnier,the better... ^_^

7)Chatting with friends.
Sometimes helps.
Although,don't talk about problems...Gossiping from time to time won't hurt as long as you don't become rude.

Hope it helps.

Good luck ;)


I'll add a cake photo.Bon appetite ;)

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Ok,so today we're getting serious.
I hate it when my friends fight.
I know it's supposed to bring harmony between friends after,but isn't there another way?
Most of the times,when my friends fight,I get in the middle,and my first instinct is to walk away.Like I did today.I'm not the best councelor,and especially when one side is more stubborn than the other.
Why on earth do they fight over stupid stuff?
Why can't they collaborate in peace?
Like I said,stubborness is the DEVIL!When both sides are stubborn,the war starts.When both sides have big egos,it's a nightmare.When they'll read this post,It's the end for me :(
Also,I've never seen them having a civilised conversation.It either involved sarcasm,which led to screaming and both sides parted away.It's easy to walk away,but is it worth it?

Another subject I want to talk about today is the word "team".
For those of you who are to lazy to check the dictionary,here you go :

number of people or animals who do something together as a group:basketball/hockey/netball teama team of investigatorsused in a number of phrases that refer to people working together as a group in order to achieve something:It was a real team effort - everyone contributed something to the success of the project.
   When in a team,everybody should do something.I agree there should be a leader.But not a boss.Not someone who orders.Nore someone who insists on doing EVERYTHING.That's not a team anymore,it's individual work.Everybody should work.Life won't repay you with doing everything.Sometimes it causes frustration from the rest of the team.It's not a good feeling.And there's no such thing as "Team of One".And also it's not even fair,no mather if you on purpose wanted to do everything just to "win".You just get what you want,the final product looks the way YOU wanted,and make other people not want to work with you anymore.Congratiulations!And don't look me in the eyes that you're OK with that.That doesn't make you a human anymore.I may have been harsh on what I wrote,but sometimes people don't have ears to hear the truth.So they must read it with their eyes.
I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.But please,open your eyes.There are people around us.Would you be okay if someone did something like this to you?
Thanks for reading.Have a good day :*

Friday, 15 May 2015


Don't you just love rain?I for sure adore it :)
It's so good for the plants,trees,soil,agriculture...Or just to "wash" a little polluted towns :))
Ok,so I believe it was a while since I updated my dramas.I finished watching Blood and let me tell you that I was really dissapointed be the ending.THEY KILLED MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER :(
And HE WAS HOT!!!I mean look at him

I wish I'de find  better picture :P
Anyways,he was a genius and a total cutie...How can you kill him.I hated the script writer for that >:(
I started a drama some time ago:The Girl Who Sees Smells.It's really good,even after watching Dramafever's LOLS(Lapses of Logic).It's worth watching.And Yoochun and Shin Se-Kyung are such a cute couple :3
She's kind of like me:a big dork who suddenly gets courageous under stress :3
Things are boring in school even 3 of 4 finals are gone.One more and the French Exam and done :D
How are you guys doing with school?
Are you also taking extra curriculars?I'm into singing so I still take classes,and also next week I'll sing for my third time a really cheerful song:Wouldn't it be lovely from My Fair Lady.Just a great song to put you in a good mood :D
Have an awsome weekend :)


Sunday, 10 May 2015


Today's post I'm going to dedicate it entirely to my mom whom I love,and hope this will inspire other people to love more and respect your mothers they are true heroines worht prainsing.Hats down to mothers.
Some of you might be familiar to what BuzzFeed's Try Guys did these days.They experienced how motherhood and giving birth feels like.Honestly,this changed my perspective and scared the ef out of me.Now I really don't know if I'll ever be ready to endure such pain(because I hate pain).

I'm going to write today both in Romanian and English because I want to reach out my Romanian readers to post such a letter with the hastag "MyMomMyHero".

I'm going to start.

Dear mom,
I never knew how painful was bringing me to this world.I'm so grateful for every minute of pain you had to endured and hope you know how much I love you even though I'm not very good at showing.The thing is,I grew up so I might not need you in every single thing I do but the kisses that I refuse,I still want them from you.And I know that you still remeber every silly thing from when I was little so thank you for making me smile with them :)

I'll love you to the infinite and beyond.
And if dad is reading this,tell him wait untill Father's Day for his turn ;)


Dragă mami,
Nu am știut niciodată cât de dureros a fost să mă aduci pe lume.Îți sunt atât de recunoscătoare pentru fiecare minut a trebuit să înduri și sper că știi cât de mult te iubesc chiar dacă nu mă pricep să-ți arăt asta.Chestia este că am crescut,deci s-ar putea să nu mai am nevoie de tine în fiecare lucru pe care îl fc but de pupicii pe care îi refuz,încă îi vreau de la tine.Și știu că încă îți amintești fiecare lucru amuzant pe care îl făceam când eram mică și îți mulțumesc că mă faci să zâmbesc cu ele.

Tei voi iubi până la infinit și înapoi!

Te iubesc MAMI!

Hope you a great day and remember to cherish your mom every day!Everything she does is for you!

Love you guys, and a happy mother's day to everymom out there !!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 7 May 2015


I know I'm human,so that means I'm not supposed to be 24/7 all smiling and cheerful.No,absolutely not.Today I was put down by things some people might not even care.
I'm not a patient person.I'll admit.Making me wait for more than,let's say 10-15 minutes make me frustrated to the point that I might cry.Especially when I'm alone(which happens a lot).
I had to wait today for a singing class for 35 minutes.I was lucky I had my phone and some music beacause maybe I might have collapsed mentally.
And then teacher was like "I tough you were going to wait for me".WHAT?ARE YOU NUTS?ME?WAIT?No.
Other than that,school was ok....Tomorrow I have History Finals sooo....WISH ME LUCK :3

Moral of the day...When something efs with your mood,,,,Go to Youtbe and watch funny stuff.If there's no Internet...Make yourself laugh..Somehow :)

Love you guys,and lots of Thanks for reading :)


Monday, 4 May 2015


Just a little something to make you smile on a Monday evening :)
Can't wait for "The Minions" to hit the theatre ;)
Photo Credit :Weheartit

Enjoy ;)

Last but not least,have you ever wondered how would Mario's World would look....................

With Minions :))))))

Thank you so much for sticking woth me today ;)
Have an awsome Monday :)


Saturday, 2 May 2015


Honestly...I'm happy I got to watch it for free at home,on my couch.
The only thing interesting about this movie was that it had some changes in the plot(SPOILERS FREE ;)
I think some music was really mising.It was quite awkward at some times without it(like when the  Fairy God Mother did her thing).
And also,the actors chosen as Cinderella and the Prince were exactly as in the Disney Animation.A little bit too.......perfect.I wish I could see a more....normal Cinderella.I'm not saying that what they did with the casting was wrong.But I think a less perfect Cinderella and Prince would've been better.
Do you agree or is it just a weird think for me to say?
Also,I felt some caracters have lost their charm.Like the Fairy Godmother.She looked very Unconfortable and like she didn't knew what she was supposed to do.
And I was expecting for at least a murmured Bipiti bapiti BOO!Nothink of that.
And the mice who were always dancing around and cheering Ella...The were so Useless.
Not to mention Lucifer who had 2 Cameos completely useless.And there was no dog(I think Brudo was his name)neither her lovable horse.He was so fun.I missed those guys.
I even think the animation was longer than the movie :O
The location,however,killed it.Beautiful...Just gorgeous ;)
The lack of music was just ....Childhood killing....
And also,there are two deaths in the movie that kind of ruined the atmosphere.First her mother,then her father.But whe still have a bitchy mom with very idiot daughters.This time she walks Lucifer on a leash :))

What did you think about the movie?
I want to hear your opinon ;)

Much Love :*