Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Dream House :)

This,I think is a topic,that might be interesting for many of you.
I don't know about you but I cannot wait to move!
Sometimes I dream of being financially stabil and able to buy a loft,or a studio tipe of appartement.I actually don't care in which country,but I would like to be at a high altitude(not the city,the appartement :)) and with a great view :)
And also if I get to decorate my home to be sweet ;) that is like how I would like to say "food for soul".I love putting my mark into my work,so it would mean to me a lot.
I'm a really shy person with not so many friends, who spends 80% of her day inside.I workout inside.If I go outside through the week,it would be for school or grocery shoppind,....Alone :(
So,even it is not so good,I would love to have a job that keeps me at home,but at the same time,not forbid me to go out.I don't know what I want to become yet,I just know I want to learn as many languages as possible,write a book,edit stuff(I know it sounds weird but working on my laptop doesn't sound so bad for me actually :).It's productive and you get to learn so many things that you hardly learn in school.
Back to the perfect appartment/Home.I really don't care about the space,if there is a garden with or without pool.
I just want like a place on my own,like alone.I'm not saying that I don't want people around but I just am tired of living with 4 other :(
I need most of the time to be in silence so that I can calm down from all the stress.And,trust me,seeing other people doesn't help >:(
Ok so dream home....Quiet,medium size,in a big city,great view.....Just for me :)

Hope you enjoyed my opinion today ;)

Love You guys :)


Saturday, 25 April 2015


One of the most used torture tools in the Medieval times....I mean...In present times...
Ok so now you're going to hear me saying how much I HATE high heels.
I know what you are thinking.I know I'm a girl.I know I should like them but...Let's be honest..
I've seen to may fails on the Internet with women(and men :)) who try to walk in them but NOPE.
These things were made for torture.And why?Because women were desperate enough to want to be or appear taller that they would agree to slid their delicate feet in them.
My firstexperience with them was probably when I was in Kindergarten.Of course,like 90% of the female population,I just had to walk in my mom's shoes.Back them I don't remember hating them so much,more like beeing anxious to start wearing them in the future.
But God what was I thinking :O ???
In 8th grade I wanted to wear high heels because 99% of my girl classmates were going to wear them.And back them fitting in was something kind of important to me.So I bought myself a pair.
And Holy Fish!The shoes were coming out of my feet!
They were so uncomfortable I was thanking God I had a pair of sandals in my back(And Yes I said bag because back then I didn't care about caring two bags with me.One mathcing the dress,and one with shoes :)))
Right now,even not behaving like a girl,I still feel excluded.But I stopped trying,I guess.
It's not a good thing so don't do like me.
I'm not a model so sometimes what I say can be good,or bad.
So it's up to you guys to chose who you want to be,but most importantly,
And try to be your own role model.I never wanted to be anyone else than myself.So be your own Superhero!

Love ya and have a nice weekend :)


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why We Should Love the Earth More!

Here are some reasons that we should love our planet EVERY day!

1)Right now it is the only planet we can live on.

2)It's the only planet with CHOCOLATE!
In one word,the heavens gift :D
From this

To this :3

3)It is also the only planet in the Universe you can have PIZZA :O
4)It is full of beautiful countrie worth visiting

5)There is much diversity on this planet :).Basically,so many cultures to discover :D

6)So much  music :)
I'm a music lover so I think a lot of people can relate to that :)

Also a lot of arts to chose from ;)

7)So much  good FOOD :3

8)Flowers :3

9)Perfume :)

10)Cute animals :3

11)Smiling faces :)
I think it's not all this planet has to offer but these are the little things that bring a smile on my face :)

Happy Earth's Day! :)


Monday, 20 April 2015


Altough I'm 17 and a girl,well,I really don't like makeup.
I know you're gonna be like "WHAT???" but this is the truth.
Makeup never represented  and who knows when it is going to represent something for me.
So,to start,I don't understand how can girls waste between 10 min. to  I don't know how many hours of their lives to draw on their face with literally face crayons.Those crayons might have substances that actually damage your skin.
Also,who would spend so much money on makeup?When I hear like girl Youtubers spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on makeup to "complete their collection ",I freak.Really?Makeup collection?
Like those products lay around and they keep reproducind :))
Why would a girl invest so much time and money on makeup?Can ,like,a girl answer me?:))
I like to take care of my skin,but not cover my face with like cement and paint:))
Don't get offended girls but this is an opinion of a girl :))
I personaly believe that every women was born beautiful.
And I also think that makeup makes you pretty.
But do want to be beautiful or just pretty?
Also if you don't use makeup you save time and money. That's like a huge win for me :D
I do respect every makeup artist and appreciate their work.Don't get me wrong.
But I feel like women nowadays forget that beauty lies within.
And it's not their fault,it's because of the media that promotes stereotypes of beauty.
But I still tell myself every morning that God made me beautiful,that I'm blessed with my body and face,that I have amazing talents that are worth so much more than my face covered in makeup.
Did I mention how many products are out there?And how many steps you have to follow?And don't try to come up with the "natural look".Natural look is your face in the morning.
John Legend said in his song "All of me" a very smart verse:"All your perfect imperfections"
Think about this.If we could all be perfect and look the same,where would diversity be?

This was my heart talking : )


Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Easter's over,so that means I'm finaly free to relax :)
It was so tiresome :(
Now I get to sleep  full10hours.And yes,I need that much rest :P.
Next week...School again :(
Still,I was travelling to Targu Jiu to see my relatives and,for the first time I made my familly to vist the famous Brancusi Park with his famous sculptures and the Famous Endless Column.Downtown was also so nice.I was pleasently surprised with it's buildings clean aspect.Deffinetly a town worth visiting.You don't have much to see,but stoping for let's say 2 day is worth it.I'll leave at the end with some pictures taken by me so I take full credit :)
I'm continuing to read The PLL books.Today I started reading the 8th one.Deffinetly a serie worth reading.You never know what will happen to those girls.And the books are a paralel universe to the show.Don't expect to see the show and think you know what's happening in the books.
Do you enjoy road trips.I despise them.Or at least this is how I feel when I have to spend 5 hours in the car with my family.I never have space to rest my legs because there are also around 5 bags.We have to leave for only 3 days but we have luggage enoug for a week.
I jope to go for such a road trip with my BFF someday.Enough space to strech legs and travel comfortably.
On the K-POP subject,did anyone listen the Exo's-Call me baby,Exid's-Ah Yeah,GG'S-Catch me if you can,Mamamoo's-Ahh Oop?Check them out!
Ok,so I hope I covered up everything.Hope you liked it:)
Much love :)

Poarta Sărutului(The Kiss Gate)

Aleea Scaunelor(The Chair's Alley)

Masa Tăcerii(The table of Silence)

Coloana Infinitului(The Endless Column)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The silence before Easter...

Ok so basicaly...I was quiet....Again...
These days were packed...With Spring/Easter cleaning and cooking...Lots of cooking.My granny cooks a week before Easter to have what to put on the table because it is belived here in Romania that on bigger holidays(Christmas,Easter etc.),if you don't have your table full,you'll eat poor the whole year.Supersticious people.
Anyways,I've been busy with helping my family,and also our school is going to be renovated, like from bottom to top.We had to move all the desks ,chairs,everything from our old class to another building where we are going to finish this semester.But finally Easter brake is here!!!!!!!
I'm Orxtodoxian,so our Easter is next week,(more like this Sunday but you get it)
I'm sorry for AGAIN Silence but I didn't want to write about something boring and short.
Honestly,these preperation kind of let me down on what people think Easter represents.I wish we could just not clean the house to be spotless,not cook for 100 people,and just spend some family time.
I'm sick of being told to get out of the way,to see how my grans is killing herself cookind,how our expenses grow so much in this period.This is another reason why I promise myself not to follow any custom whatsoever when I'll move.Who needs lamb for Easter?I'm super happy with chicken!
Who needs to squeaky clean the house.I'll just vacuum the house.Or I'll use all that money for food on a housemaid to clean for me because I HATE Cleaning!!!

I'm on a little rush so I'll continue the post when I'm back:)


Ok so to resume what I was saying.
Easter looks to me more like a campaign on selling lamb,eggs and other stuff(related to food or anything else)rather than the significance of the actual holiday.
I don't think Jesus died for us so that we  could eat like piggies and have clean houses on this time of the year.
I'm dissapointed on this kind of behaviour.Ok,let's have lamb,but not other 5 kinds of food.Literally,to many people end in hospital from all that food.And they still do this twice a year.Let's face it.So many people don't have even the lamb for Easter.Why can't we at least share our food.Why just keep it then throw it away.Because that's happens some times.
Is it too much to ask to just not prepare things for the outside and focuse on our soul this period.

I'm sorry I talked too much about this subject,but it just makes me sad to see how we treat a very important holiday.Is it the same in other countries?Or in our country,does everybody do that.
I didn't write about all this to put our country and traditions into a bad light.But I think that some things need to be changed.

Have you all a Happy Easter!And all your wishes may come true :)
And I hope some of you might agree.

Alexandra :)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

How to enjoy Easter :)

Guys Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!
I'm hoping you're having a great time,you're not overeating and get a tummy pain :(
Although It's not Easter for me,me and my familly celebrated with cake because why not?:))
Tommorow it's the "School Week Different" when we don't have classes and do activities instead.
Tomorrow we our going with our Romanian teacher to the 1989 Revolution memorial.I've never been there so I think it's going to be interesting.
Right now I feel so lazy............
I hope you had a great day and spend it well with familly :)
Let's get down to bussiness

How to enjoy Easter with familly

1)Spend time together(obviously)

2)Eat dinner together.
Don't have eating contests.Nobody wants to spend holidays at the hospital.

3)Go outside.It helps to walk after all that food.

4)Go on a trip.
Holidays are about traveling :)

It's all I could come up with today sorry :D

Happy Easter!


Friday, 3 April 2015

When I say cookies....You say....

You guessed it...Diabetes :(
To clarify the confusion,today I cheated way to heard :P
I hope tomorrow I'll have energy to workout because I feel seriously more sore after a day cheating than working out my butt.It's a little hard to believe but that's what happens to me.Can anyone rely?
I never completely about my workouts.My favourite channel to workout is Fitness Blender.Their workouts are so well structured than I truely believe they should get an award for their work.
When I'll afford,I'm going to try one of their programs.I reccomend them because,in my opinion,they are the best!Their workouts varies for every fitness level.And they're so kind and they're so good in what they're doing.
My week went so slow when 2 weeks of Easter Holidays are here :D.OMG so happy to finally have some time for me :)
And meet with my relatives which I miss a lot.Especially my great aunt who was my beloved grandpa's sister.She's a kind women with a big mouth.Deffinetly a characteristic of the south of Romania where she's from :)).Yet I love her and can't wait to meet her :D
It's so fascinating that for a few days I can experience the culture of the Gorj department from Romania.The culture is different and sometimes it is so funny to hear what they have to say :)
Back to subject,don't cheat to much on your cheat day.Your tummy will hurt :((

Much love :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


So it was 2 days ago when I felt again kind of sick so I layed down on 2 chairs in class and fell asleep for like an hour and a half but that was a good sleep :))
Now don't get me wrong I don't sleep in class.We just had a free class because our Math teacher was busy.
I woke up to the sounds of people screaming.Ok they weren't scared screams but I was flustured a litlle.But then I heard they weren't just screaming but laughing.A lot :))
The I observed one of them was having headphones on and the others around him were trying to mimick with their mouths words.It was so hilarious I just had to join in.
We had so much  fun that we played for the whole Math class(which wasn't exactly Math class because the teacher wasn't).It was so fun seeing people enjoying and spending good time together :)
You might want to try it with your classmates.And make sure to record.That's what I call making memories :))
Today we played some more but it wasn't as hilarious.We tried to do miming but people didn't seem so keen to it :(
We have to come with something else to play in class.Any ideas?
These days I felt like being sick again,at the tought makes me sick :(
Why me???
Easter is around the corner :D
Are you expecting anything this year?
I wish for some luck :).And lots of opportunities :D.And of course health :)

Happy early Easter :)
May the Easter bunny come to your homes :)