Thursday, 9 April 2015

The silence before Easter...

Ok so basicaly...I was quiet....Again...
These days were packed...With Spring/Easter cleaning and cooking...Lots of cooking.My granny cooks a week before Easter to have what to put on the table because it is belived here in Romania that on bigger holidays(Christmas,Easter etc.),if you don't have your table full,you'll eat poor the whole year.Supersticious people.
Anyways,I've been busy with helping my family,and also our school is going to be renovated, like from bottom to top.We had to move all the desks ,chairs,everything from our old class to another building where we are going to finish this semester.But finally Easter brake is here!!!!!!!
I'm Orxtodoxian,so our Easter is next week,(more like this Sunday but you get it)
I'm sorry for AGAIN Silence but I didn't want to write about something boring and short.
Honestly,these preperation kind of let me down on what people think Easter represents.I wish we could just not clean the house to be spotless,not cook for 100 people,and just spend some family time.
I'm sick of being told to get out of the way,to see how my grans is killing herself cookind,how our expenses grow so much in this period.This is another reason why I promise myself not to follow any custom whatsoever when I'll move.Who needs lamb for Easter?I'm super happy with chicken!
Who needs to squeaky clean the house.I'll just vacuum the house.Or I'll use all that money for food on a housemaid to clean for me because I HATE Cleaning!!!

I'm on a little rush so I'll continue the post when I'm back:)


Ok so to resume what I was saying.
Easter looks to me more like a campaign on selling lamb,eggs and other stuff(related to food or anything else)rather than the significance of the actual holiday.
I don't think Jesus died for us so that we  could eat like piggies and have clean houses on this time of the year.
I'm dissapointed on this kind of behaviour.Ok,let's have lamb,but not other 5 kinds of food.Literally,to many people end in hospital from all that food.And they still do this twice a year.Let's face it.So many people don't have even the lamb for Easter.Why can't we at least share our food.Why just keep it then throw it away.Because that's happens some times.
Is it too much to ask to just not prepare things for the outside and focuse on our soul this period.

I'm sorry I talked too much about this subject,but it just makes me sad to see how we treat a very important holiday.Is it the same in other countries?Or in our country,does everybody do that.
I didn't write about all this to put our country and traditions into a bad light.But I think that some things need to be changed.

Have you all a Happy Easter!And all your wishes may come true :)
And I hope some of you might agree.

Alexandra :)

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