Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The stress of being a senior(in anything) :)

Hi guys <3
  So I guess a lot of you really can understand how stressful senior year in High School,Colledge can be  and if keeping good grades and stacking up diplomas is not stressful enough,the teachers and parents who are supposed to help and coordinate and encourage us do the opposite.They keep shoving in your face that we have to study like maniacs and give up any extracurricular activity and just study.
   Let me ask you a question.Do you think this is right?Am I supposed to feel like my stomach is going to come out because of stress,and with that to give up the activities that actualy help me relax and happy?Are you crazy?Has your medication expired?Kidding :D
I like playing my guitar,even though I'm a begginer but with practice comes progress.Should I just abandon that and just study?
  Seriously,how much can a person study?Isn't my brain fried enough,I have to also keep it in the oven?No sir,you can eff off I'm going to do my thing,practice my guitar,listen to my music,read my books and when I need a break I'll take it.

    End of the story :P

Am I the only one pissed here? :)))

Good night guys and don't stress over stuff like this.Do what you feel helps you.

Quickie :Listen to music while studying.I usualy search for a playlist on Youtube,but not dance music,a mix of clasic or instrumental.That helps me a lot and actually it makes studying fun ;)

Love y'all :)


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