Friday, 2 December 2016

Careful what you buy online

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So, in todays post, I will relate to you my latest experience with online shopping.
I'm a big bibliophile , so I love me some books. So I when I saw a sponsored add on Facebook for an online book shop which had an offer, I went for it and placed an order. But what was a clear red flag was the biggest amount of money I've spent in my life on delivery. So being conscious that I was on a tight budget, I ordered just one book and a tote( the tote was very cheap and to be honest, very cute so that was what pulled me in placing this order.). Of course I chose the economic version of delivery which was 2 to 4 weeks. When it finaly came, the book was a pocket edition and had a rip on the back cover and some pages were turned. Basically, the book was not in it's best shape. The tote was better though. Judging by the amount of money I spent, I could have done my research. Truth be told, it was more expensive on my usual site but I've never got a book in a bad condition from them.
I hope you'll learn from my experience the following:

-Don't buy something only if they're is a limited edition cute tote or sock or something. Stick with what you were buying in the beginning. If that cute tote was the reason you went on that site in the first place, then do your homework, check other people's comments or check on other sites for better offers.

-If you decide to buy from that site, first read the description of the product. See if has the format or size, or just google a picture for it to see how they usually sell it. Most of the time, pictures have a link attached to it so that's how you can have an idea on what you are buying.

-Really be sure that you need that product. Don't make a hole in your buget if your not sure you want. I was superficial and placed this order because of an almost free tote with a kitty on it. That earned me a scratched book. And 50 lei flew like this.

-Document yourself if you're a first timer. There are many bibliophiles out there that can give you advice on where to find the best deals. And also they can warm you on where not to shop.

At the end of the day, I have a new book and a tote and a lesson learned well.

Hope you found this useful (or at least amusing).

Have a nice day <3

Alexandra :)