Tuesday, 9 February 2016

2016:Did this year start bad for me?

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new year!
For my first post of the year,I would like to talk about what seems to be a bad start of this year and how I felt.

So,this year started with 2 disappointments for me,which I'm not going to name.
Those things were two challendges which I failed.On my first attempt,I failed.On my second,the result was the same.School didn't help me as much as cheer me because I'm in senior year,so EVERYBODY puts pressure on us to STUDY again and again.Which s***s because this makes me hate school even more.
On a brighther note,I passed my French Exam.:)
Feeling proud because I didn't have a lot of help,it was just me and a preparation book.
So,having more letdowns than wins,I felt sad.To the  point in which I doubted myself in everything I did,even in stuff in which I exceled.
What helped me get out of this void are my friends and my music.
If it wasn't for my dear friends(I'm going to put only the initials :M,G,F,L,D,I) I would probably be still stuck in my vortex of sadness.
Also,I started playing the guitar and I've been playing it since last June(or July) and,even though the progress is small,I feel very accomplished and thankfull for making the effort to really get out of my comfort zone and just do it.I've been longing to play the guitar for maybe 2 years,and when my dad told me he found a teacher,I was more than excited.I might never be like those guitar players that can play with their eyes closed,but I feel more than rejuvenated.I feel free :)
So to conclude everything,for me finding small things that make me happy encourage me to move on,to grow and to actually live my life the right way :)

I'll try to be active and post,but sometimes finding ideas is hard.The inspirational fairies are on holiday :P

So,if you have a subject you would like I talk about,feel free to post on my twitter acount,which I will link bellow,or maybe put it somewhere on my blog :D.To find your suggestions,use the hashtag #arpost

Goodbye,and À bientôt! :)

Alexandra :)