Saturday, 28 February 2015

A great movie I saw today :)

So today I had to study A LOTT,so I figured out I had to reward myself after I'm done.
So I tought,let's start reading a book.Which I did.I started reading recently the Pretty Little Liars series.When I was in Middle School,all the "cool kids" used to talk about those books,and when the series came out,they went crazy about them.
Me personaly,I hate what other people like.It took me 5 years to make myself read the Harry Potter series.And now 4 to read PLL.And I'm quite impressed.Maybe during Summer break I'll start watching the serie.

As for the movie I watched today:It was Maze Runner.I guess some of you Teen Wolf fans might have watched it for Dylan O'Brian.Me,I couldn't care less.Again,so many girls were so head over heels for him,I just had to see why.
I can affirm that,in this movie,he impressed me with his acting skills.
The plot itself was interesting and I couldn't imagine a better Thomas than Dylan.
I'm not going to spoil anything about it.Just go and watch it.If you are not into action,intense and at some point scary scenes,DON'T WATCH IT ALONE&WITHOUT LIGHTS ON.Learned from experience.Other thant that, it's A good movie ;).

Have a lovely day ;)


In the future I won't go easy on you ;)

Friday, 27 February 2015

My ultimate ADDICTION....K-POP :D

-When it  started.Back in,I think,2009-2010 when my neighbor showed me my first K-pop music performance(not music video).Can you guess what she showed me?
I'll give you a clue.It's a famous girl group,owned by a BIG company,very popular,used to have 2 girls fluent in English.If you didn't guess then wait till the end to find out ;).
Anyways,at first I had the same reaction of every person hearing music in a different language:"What the heck are they saying.I mean they are pretty but why do YOU even like them?"
And still I remember that day as the Conversion day.
Later back in 2012 I guess everybody knows what happened that year.If not then you're either stupid or you were visiting some other planet and have no clue.
That's right.Psy Gangnam Style came to light and EVERY human being enjoyed it,loved it and up till this day know the Horse dance :))
Slowly,I started to be curious about that girl group I was talking earlier.I typed their name on Youtube.When I saw they had an English name and Song Titles in English,I tought they were singing in English.So I bumped into their debut song not knowing.Because it was in korean I had no ideea what everything meant.But I cotinued searching and saw they had a song in English.I listened to it,loved it,downloaded it,sang it......And an adiction has started.
Then I started digging some more songs.Altough I didn't understand even 0.0000000000001% of what they were singing,I liked their music.And continued downloading and watching music videos.
Then I started bumping on Youtube on videos about "K-POP" and was introduced to other bands.
Special thanks to ISHlist,Kids&Youtubers React to K-pop and the channels of the following who,untill today I watch and don't know how I would survive without:
and of course the great and awsome Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi.
Thank you so much awsome people for helping me "transform"
For those who don't know,in Korea,singers are called idols,because they are supposed to represent the ideal image of the society(basically be perfect).Which represents kind of a burden for them to survive in that industry,but somehow they manage to resist.I'm pretty impresed and proud to listen and like them.

Today,the music on my phone consists in 90% K-POP songs and that's all that matters.
Some of my reccomended bands:Bassicly every band from the following labels:
SM Entertainment:GIRL'S GENERATION,SHinee,Super Junior,EXO,f(x),Red Velvet
YG Entertainment:2NE1,Big Bang
Other notable bands(also AWSOME):EXID,MAMAMOO,SONAMOO,Rainbow,CNBLUE,AOA,U-KISS,4MINUTE,Boys Republic,Boyfriend,Sistar,VIXX,GOT7,2pm,miss A etc.

Hope I didn't miss any of your favourites.
Hope we have the same "addiction".

Saranghae(I love you)!

Alexandra :*

I forgot to tell you who that band was :D
Are you ready?




If you didn't guess yet,
Repeat after me
Also Know AS Girl's Generation
Sowon for life :)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sickness cravings :/

I'm in the mood for something sweet.Not beacuse I'm pregnant,but because I'm sick :(.
What can make you feel better when you are sick?
Enjoy :3

If I didn't make you crave keep going >:))

Ok,but seriously,I went to the doctor today and she gave me tons of medicine.I'm not a medicine person,but since I'm so sick I'm just gonna let it slide this time.Haleluia I didn't go to school!
So sick of it I'm actually happy I'm sitting at home.I tried working out today and it felt good.I cannot kill myself right now with cardio and HIIT but still,the workout was hard.Still feel better about myself.I cannot go out which I don't mind.I wish people would just let me be.I'm tired sometimes about my parents being all on my head with drinking tea,screaming at me to take my medicine away from the kitchen,and coming and coming AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN TO ASK ME IF I'M OK.I'm not if you keep pissing me!!!
I remember when I was sick once and I was at school(thanks familly),one of my classmates when he heard I had fever,he told me that I'm hot :)).Thank God I have classmates like him :D
NO but seriously(again).My family is nuts!They just send me to school even if I cough,even if I'm dizzy,even I have the slightest simptomes of a cold,if it's not fever,then I'M GOOD TO GO.I just have to collaps in class and get an actual fever to be able to come home.And IT'S MY FAULT FOR NOT DRESSING WELL WHILE OUTSIDE IS COLD.IT'S NOT LIKE HALF OF MY CLASS IS SICK AND I JUST GOT THE VIRUS,NOOOOOOOO :p
I always wished to live alone and I swear to God I can't wait to move.Families in general,or at least mine,f**k up when reasing a teenager.No hate please,it's just personal opinion and personal experience.I'm not implying that ALL faimilies are like this.Calm down and let the keebord live :))!!!

Hope you had a great day!

Never forget to take care of your health ;)

Alexandra with germs :))

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Things I want to die RIGHT NOW!

I know what you're going to say.I've gone crazy,It's ok,I don't blame you.
But haven't experienced that awkward moment when you just want something to

1.MY current flu :P
Feel like crap,my back hurts,I'm cough like a donkey,I can't feel my legs etc.

2.Boredom.Nothing to do when being sick.

3.Time.I feel like sleeping.I HATE BEING SICK :(

4.Stincky tea :P.If stink don't drink.


Currently laughing a lot with Eat your kimchi.If you don't know them,you'd better not go on Youtube cause you're doing it wrong.

Sorry for short post,very sick :((

Plus ....Ok bye :(


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How to boost your mood when you are sick :)

1.Eat vitamin C.(It's typical for me to start with eating advice :)
When it comes to the common cold, vitamin C may not be a cure. But some studies show that it may help prevent more serious complications. "There is good evidence taking vitamin C for colds and flu can reduce the risk of developing further complications, such as pneumonia and lung infections.
Source :
2.If not feeling weak or dizzy,try to go outside for short walks,or just to breath some fresh air.
I don't know about you but,when I stay too much inside when being sick,I get even worse.I'm not saying you should walk a mile or more.Just get outside,sit on a bench,breath and relax your sore muscles(In some cases people get sore muscles even not working out.Sometimes having pains is normal.I'm now facing a small but annoying back pain.A massage and done :)
3.Drink tones of liquids.In this period,your body dehydrates really fast.Whether you drink tea(which in this case it is the best option,trust me )drink water.No juicing(Only if homemade juice)or alcohol.(I think this is common sense don't you agree?)
4.I f possible,exercise.Try to strech or do yoga.I promise you that your energy level will grow.Even if you break a sweat,don't panic!Just make sure you change into warm,dry clothes afterwords,and of course eat something.
5.Eat healthy!This is a very important step.If you stuff your face with chocolates and sweet and Fast-Food or proccessed food,you mood is going to get worse.Your energy level will go down fast,your tummy will hurt and you won't get better fast ! :
You'll agree if you try.I recently was sick,but,by eating healthy and drinking tones of tea,I really felt better.And it took me only 4 days to get better! :O
Usually a flu lasted for me 2 weeks!And I still had to go to school.My parents say that if you don't have fever,you are good to go.That's why everytime,I came back from school dizzy and feeling like crap.
Parenst are crazy!!!!If you are a parent,try to understand at least this.We won't miss much not going to school for a few days.We will win something.Our health back!
6.Rest if needed.If you still feel bad to do anything,it's ok.Take a break and rest.Don't stress yourself,don't use technology too  much or your energy will go down fast.
7.Laugh a lott if possible!:)
If you only smile,your body realeases  "happy endorphins" that boost your mood and health.

Hope I didn't miss anything.

Consult a doctor if you feel really bad!
Take care of your health!
Sorry for the blabber here and there :D
I'm a little sick right now too :P

Monday, 23 February 2015

The moon is up...I'm awake...

I might be werewolf.
No I'm not.
Or am I? >:))
No,just kidding.I wish.Who wouldn't?
The calling of the moon is powerful.You're not strong enough to resist it.
I have friends and acquaintances who always complain of not being able to sleep when there is a full moon.Either there is something fishy(WEREWOLFS),either they're crazy.As simpple as that.
Altough,recently I also am not able to fall asleep easily on full moon nights.Maybe I am a werewolf.NAH,just crazy.
But still,things like this happen.Scientist would say that the magnetism of the moon affects kind of,let's say,weak.I like to thin of it as the magic of the moon.
Poets have written many poems about the moon.Most of them call it "Goddess of the night".The moon will always have its secrets that we,simple mortals,will be attracted.

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” 
― Mark Twain

I feel the same.I don't say we are evil,just we have a side we want to hide.Our secrets,our fears,our sadness,our pain,our loss,we all hide them,and would give everything to have them safe in the darkness.Or at least me.

I've never seen a moon in the sky that, if it didn't take my breath away, at least misplaced it for a moment.

May the moon leave you all sleep.And give you sweet dreams.Or beautiful nightmares ;)

Good night!

Being too nice sucks :(

I'm a really nice person.I really like to help people.It makes me feel good.But people nowadays just take advantage of you.So...It sucks being nice.Why I am I like this?
Because it also makes me feel good.
I always did even though those people weren't worth it.
I'M really bad at saying NO.

Why people want my help?Why everybody wants my notes?Am I the only one taking notes in class?
Am I the only one actually trying to focus in classes?
What bugs me actually is that these crap make me frustrated for nothing.
I'm going to admit.I am weak.I can't say no.I like to help people.There is a saying,what you give is what you get.Maybe someday I'll get what I deserve.
Now I want to give.I feel generous.And not in that irronic,mean way.I think it is like a legacy.
My heart said to write so I listened.
Hope I didn't bore you.
Sorry if I did :(

Sincerely yours,

I hate Mondays :(

Reason number 1.I have to wake up at 6:30 am to go to school.
2.Teachers hate us.Seems like every subject hates us
3.Every teacher wants to listen to what you had to learn for today.And they double check homework :(
4.Classes take forever to finish.
5.Breaks finish and I don't even have time to go do my neccesities :(
6.We don't have lunch break.You read
It right.And no cafeteria!
7.Every single negative energy hits you in the head.I feel dizzy :P
8.I'm hungry :(
9.I'M HUNGRY!!!!
10.I'm tired!
11.I want to go home!
12.I'm not paid to survive today :((
13.Did I mention I'm hungry?

See you soon :*

Sunday, 22 February 2015

What a great weekend :D

I'm so happy that this weekend didn't go like that.I was so long this time that I felt "alive".
I did my homework early in the morning,I workedout to boost my energy,I eat so healthy,I mean I can feel my tummy smiling from bellow :)
I had to translate a 2 page document in French which was hard(Took me like a hour and a half)but so worth it.From things like these I leanr that nothing in life comes for free,and working realy hard pays of.And I leant how hard is to translate.I'm so grateful I'm trilingual right now and able to comprehand movies and read books in both English and French.

Being productive makes you feel so happy :D
Even doing my homework this weekend felt productive.WHAT??AM I Crazy???

I know I'm pretty awake.But stil it is like a hangover feeling :)
It's great :D
Happyness is like drug.A much more legal one :D
Let's spread it shall we :)

Much Love!

Proactive and Productive Alexandra

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lack of productivity :(

I consider myself a productive person.But sometimes,due to stress,boredom or too much productivity used at once,I fall out of ideas.
These things started to happen to me recently during weekends.Throughout the week I complain I don't have time to do this and that,and when weekend comes...My brain farts
I spend 90% of my day wondering what to do when I might have options like reading books which I have a lot to read,or do homework or study or watch another K-Drama(which is one of my obsessions).Literally,the weekend passes so fast and I barely read something,studied something or even watched something.I hate it so much it sometimes hurts like f.
I personaly hate not doing something.Of course I have days when I want to be lazy beacause of all the school work.Thanks to this blog,I feel a lot more productive and finaly feal I'm doing something right.All my life I was bullied or put down for being useless,so I matters a lot.
I'm not perfect.And I'm proud of every single decision I make,of every mistake I make,of being ME.
So,to conclude my story,I begg you to try and make choices that have a produtive "conclusion".
Nothing in this life is milk and honey(I mean it's easy,only milk and honey are milk and honey OK?:))
Take chances,make changes!
Get productive!


The perks of being cute :3

Nobody can contest this.CUTE PEOPLE GET EVERYTHING.They just have to open widely their eyes and BAM!It's done.
I'm also talking from experience beacause I sometimes try to get thinks acting cute.Most of the times works.For some reasons my parents are imune.Oh well,nothing in life is perfect.
Another weird thing is that,I know some people who were born with,and I'm beeing honest,A CUTE FACE :O
And still,they don't use it.And they receive compliments for their faces ALL THE TIME,24/7 from everyone.
Now,let's talk about pets.90% of them are freaking CUTE :).
I mean,look at the doggy up there.Who could resist those eyes?
I never had a dog,so I'm free from the DOG CONTROL >:D
The case might not be the same with cats.While dogs are cute,CATS ARE EVIL!!!
They have no eye trick,they PURR!THEY CUDDLE!And then,the claws appear!!!
And after they get what they want,they leave.They got what they wanted,and fooled you to get it!
Cats sound like human society nowadays.Calm down,I guess some good people are out there(I hope :/)
Totally a dog person!All day everyday!
At least if you kick a  dog he'll stay there and look at you with the saddest eyes ever being like:
"Did I do something wrong master?"
I f you kick a cat in the butt,she leaves faster than a rocket.The principal of my previous school used to say stuff like that :).Funny guy ;)

In conclusion to this long blabber...Cute people/pets get everything!But be careful for the evilness behind it! ;)

Be safe!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Living inside book pages :)

Have you ever experienced the joy of leaving this boring,sad,ugly world and just escape in another trough just a few book pages?
Be realistic.I did,you did,we all did.
I can affirm that I could live without my phone.Just me and my books.You seriously learn a lott about life than in school.Or at least this is my opinion.
I forget that this world exists.I can't put the book down.I fall in love with the main caracters(or caracter :)).
I get ideas that don't apply to this world.Like dreamy boys that would risk their lifes for their loved ones.Or legendary creatures like dragons and unicorns(not they do not exist CALM DOWN !!!).
Adventure,mystery,danger,love...OK,less love more adventure.I preffer books that are more adventurous than a story about a couple and their complicated love life Ehh :P
Can you imagien what you read?Do you daydream like me about what you read?Do you fall in love with myterious/dreamy guys?Do you wish that magic ex...I mean could be legalised?
I want to see sord fights,or ninjas,or pirates,or witches(not that they don't exist.I mean who do you think runs schools.It's all a conspiracy I SWEAR TO GOD).
I want to go to Hogwarts.Can't we at least envent a school with the same name?
I want to live in Bookland.
Bring magic to light!
I want to ride my unicorn without people wanting to eat it!
Who's with me?

Sweet dreams ;)


Can you guess? >:))

Short story:
Place of originItaly
Region or statePiedmont
CreatorFerrero SpA
Main ingredientsSugarpalm oilhazelnutscocoa solidsmilk powder

Even shorter...Delicious XD...Heaven on earth...Diabetees in a jar...OK...Happiness in A  JAR :O

World Nutella Day is February 5 !1!!!1!!!!!

Today post was about one of my guilty pleasures :)....Altough,I do not reccomend eating when being sad,angry,bored,happy...Or basicly when experiencing any feeling.
Ok,it is delicous but think about this.If you don' believe me,you can find the full article on Wikipedia.
Nuttela's main ingredients are SUGAR and palm oil.Not cocoa,not hazelnuts.So,if you would like to indulge some Nutella,be careful and eat with measure.From time to time it is ok,but,trust me.It is addicting and can cause health problems.

I'm not trying to put you down.Just make you conscious about what goes into your body.
Measure is the key to not mess up.
Still,we are all humans,we mess up.

Don't hate me please :*



How to deal with boredom

I suppose everybody faces the bored monster like 90% times of the day,so to help,I came up with some ideas that might help :)

1.In school:
-try to find something interesting in every -class.Sometimes the teachers leason might be interesting and by focusing,you actually learn stuff :))
-tie a rubber band to your wrist and pull it whenever you feel bored.Warning!.May cause injurry.Learned from experience.
-try to walk or get active during breaks.The more you sit,the more tired and bored you will feel.
-socialise.Talk to friends...Even teachers.Sometimes they are more bored than you :P

2.At home
-read a book.It's good for you :)
-listen to music.Helps relax.
-watch less T.V. Television encourages sedentarism.In other words,you are a "couch potato"
-do your school work.So that you can keep learning at home without a nasty teacher behind your back :P
-Cook!!!Do I even have to explain?
Fine I'll explain.Make yourself food.Eat it.Enjoy it.But don't overindulge.
-Invite your friends over.Not to get bored toghether DAHH!!!Get out there and have fun!!!

Hope it helps :)

YOLO.OK calm down!You still can't do drugs and smoke!BE HEALTHY YA CRAZY PERSON!!!

Love ya :) :*


Being scared is OK :)

There's nothing wrong with being scared.
I was scared to beggin this blog.
Now I really like what I'm doing.I feel it deffines who I am sharing my experience.
I like to talk to you guys trough this blog .
Imagination has no limits!So that's why
YOU should try doing something that scares you.As long as it doesn't harm your life,everything will be fine,trust me :)

I'm a very shy person that gets intimidated very easy,so Breaking From my confort zone is hard,but I'm wealling to do it for me :)
The world is a beautiful place that you can "conquer" ;)

"Have faith in your dreams and someday,your rainbow will come smiling"-Cinderella

Much love,

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Best in school :)

Come on guys!I mean,school can be good for you.Like you learn stuff that 80% will be useless later but....Let's be honest.If it wasn't for school,we wouldn't have any of the following:

1.We wouldn't know how to count money ;)

2.We wouldn't understand the struggle :))

3.That moment on Friday night when:


5.OH,student feels :))

6.Who agrees? :(

7.True story :))

8.Last page on everynote notebook :)

9.Last but not least...A statement from teachers :))

Love school for all these reasons!

Alexandra :D

FOODPORN...Healthy edition :)

This edition is dedicated to fruit,veggies and health lovers out there(like me :)

Let the torture beggin >:))

Goodness finished :*

Alexandra will leave before you come to kill her :))


The story of Dracula

Some of you might be curious where does the story start.
For those of you who enjoy reading,I'm going to leave a link to a very interesting site where all your questions shall be answered :)..At least I hope :))

Hope you enjoyed our firts History class :)


Not that I actually taught but....Enjoy :D

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Best friend...

Sometimes these words seems for me a little ambiguous.
How should your best friend be?
Should he/she be perfect?
Should he/she be everytime with you?
Should he/she always listen to you?
I, for some reason,can afirm that I have a best friend.
Tho,it's ok for spending time with other people.
Now,let me share you me and my best friend's story.

We met in seventh grade when I was bullied a lot and had literally nobody.
She just moved from another school and she was kind of in the same situation.
So I started to talk to her and see that we have stuff in common.In 2 years we could both agree we were best friends.And she could tollerate my BIG MOUTH.Now,since we don't attend the same high-schools,I can affirm our relationship cooled to the point where we barelly talk because we are so busy.She is great at math and has a clear path in front of her,while I'm still unsure :(
I respect her a lot and I hope that in the future we can reunite and laugh our head off :)

To answer the first questions:
NO.A best friend doesn't need to be perfect.
NO.She needs to listen when I want her to give me advice.
NO.She doesn't need to be 24/7 with me.Just chat from time to time.
Never blame each other for not keeping in touch.We all have our own lives and problems,so putting a weight like that on your besties shoulders makes you a bad person :(.

That my friends is the key to a healthy besties relationship ;)

Good evening/morning/afternoon to everyone :)!