Friday, 20 February 2015

How to deal with boredom

I suppose everybody faces the bored monster like 90% times of the day,so to help,I came up with some ideas that might help :)

1.In school:
-try to find something interesting in every -class.Sometimes the teachers leason might be interesting and by focusing,you actually learn stuff :))
-tie a rubber band to your wrist and pull it whenever you feel bored.Warning!.May cause injurry.Learned from experience.
-try to walk or get active during breaks.The more you sit,the more tired and bored you will feel.
-socialise.Talk to friends...Even teachers.Sometimes they are more bored than you :P

2.At home
-read a book.It's good for you :)
-listen to music.Helps relax.
-watch less T.V. Television encourages sedentarism.In other words,you are a "couch potato"
-do your school work.So that you can keep learning at home without a nasty teacher behind your back :P
-Cook!!!Do I even have to explain?
Fine I'll explain.Make yourself food.Eat it.Enjoy it.But don't overindulge.
-Invite your friends over.Not to get bored toghether DAHH!!!Get out there and have fun!!!

Hope it helps :)

YOLO.OK calm down!You still can't do drugs and smoke!BE HEALTHY YA CRAZY PERSON!!!

Love ya :) :*


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