Thursday, 7 May 2015


I know I'm human,so that means I'm not supposed to be 24/7 all smiling and cheerful.No,absolutely not.Today I was put down by things some people might not even care.
I'm not a patient person.I'll admit.Making me wait for more than,let's say 10-15 minutes make me frustrated to the point that I might cry.Especially when I'm alone(which happens a lot).
I had to wait today for a singing class for 35 minutes.I was lucky I had my phone and some music beacause maybe I might have collapsed mentally.
And then teacher was like "I tough you were going to wait for me".WHAT?ARE YOU NUTS?ME?WAIT?No.
Other than that,school was ok....Tomorrow I have History Finals sooo....WISH ME LUCK :3

Moral of the day...When something efs with your mood,,,,Go to Youtbe and watch funny stuff.If there's no Internet...Make yourself laugh..Somehow :)

Love you guys,and lots of Thanks for reading :)


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