Sunday, 15 February 2015

Beauty lies within

Whether you're a girl/boy/woman/man/child and you feel let down...Remember this:
You are beautiful no mather what they say!Those who used this verse for a song were pretty smart.
They probably wanted us to understand that making people feel bad doesn't make us better than them.
Superficality isn't something you should brag about.
I remember when I was in 7th grade I was everybody's trash.I had merely 3-5 friends that were also bullied.I don't understand why every insecure brat thinks that is cool by bullying other people with whom  they don't even hate or weren't harmed by.
Bullying isn't something to play with.In some cases it can have serious consequences.
That's why God gave you a mouth.To use it to solve discussions.

If I have an advice for you,I do.If you are bullied, ask them why are they doing this.If they don't have an answer,they are the most pathetic human beings you'll ever meet.If they pass some limits like beating you or other grave damages,BE SURE TO TALK TO SOMEONE!!!!

I made a big mistake by not talking to anyone,so don't be afraid!Your words are more powerfull than their fists :)

Nobody has the right to put you down!

Shine bright!


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  1. Aaww darling, I don't have the words to say how lovely is what you writed here and I hope that you follow your own advices too, 'cuz are great!