Sunday, 29 November 2015

My token of appreciation to my friends :)

Dear friends,
I can't express my gratitude for every second you're next to me,even when we can't meet ,the modern "blessing of Facebook" allows us to keep in touch even though we're not going to the same school,living in the same town or country,I love every single one of you.
That goes to you too , my lovely community who gives maybe 10 minutes of their life to read my thoughts.Thank you for that :)
Hope I'm accomplishing my goal to make you smile :)

I think I might have written something like this a while,but as I was scroling through my Facebook feed and seeing pictures of the smiling people,and there was I also smiling :)
To my friend who's struggling with exams,take it easy.And I told you to manage better your time.Do as I did.Get yourself  A God bless Agenda and write down what you have to do :)) lol
And sleep.I don't want to know you guys still up when the clock switches to a.m.
Not good for you!

To all my friends :)
Thank you!Merci!Gracias!Vielen Dank!Xie xie!Gamsahabnida!Arigato!



Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What to do when sad :)

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First open this link :

Ahh that's a lot better :)

So guys,when different reasons makes us sad,it's our turn to step down and relax.
Nowadays we are to busy to rest for a couple of minutes because we are always running.And running.Did I mention running?

For various reasons,our mood goes down sometimes,but we can easily boost it of we try.

Here are some tips that hopefuly might help.I know there are a lot of posts like these but whatever,I know only my friends read them :)) Joie I'm looking at you :)

If I did another post similar,no worries,reminding you to slow down more often is better ;)

Simple.Indulge on something you love.I like to eat EVERYTHING when I'm sad but I guess I balance it with exercise.Right?

Really now,food is a great stimulater,so eat in moderation something that you like to make you feel special :)
Joie,easy in the coffee :))

I'll tell ya a thing.I'm obsessed with books.If books make me happy,so will you be if you read.And you'll be smarter.Win-win situation here.Your welcome ;)

3)Watch funny stuff.
Cats videos.Fail videos.Vines.Youtubers.Wacth'em ;)

4)Go for a walk
If you're lazy like me and hate exercising,it can't get lazier that this :D
Take walks and appreciate your town,village,street,ice-cream shop.....Yeah,I'm always thinking about food :)

Relaxing :)
Pair it with snacking and a movie or a book.Heaven.
To all my Bath&Body works people out there,you are lucky.We don't have them in Romania(or at least I don't know.But if we have them,they're expensive, I guarantee you)

I guess you got it.I think you've read at least 20 posts this week on how to destress.Sorry.Nothing new maybe.:(
At least I tried.But then again,only my friends read my blog lol.Joie I blame you for the lol :P

Last but not least ;)

Good night!


Monday, 23 November 2015

100th post :) A post about numbers :)

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So ....I'm writing my 100th post...I can't believe it.Along the way , I was about to give up so many times for many reasons:Fright,shame,discourage,sadness....But look at me tiping today :)
I'm so proud of myself and this little corner I dedicate my time,and I'm thankful for all the people reading this and my other posts :)

Today's post is going to be about numbers people run from or towards...


A set of numbers that label you.You're short,you must be cute.You're tall,you must be tough.
I'm 1,71(in metres) and I'm somewhat anti-social,I tremble when having to do a speech,never wanting to ask questions.I love a good book.I'm not a good leader but I don't mind organising thinks here and there.I hate not speaking my toughts but I'm afraid I might hurt people's feelings.
Was my  height relevant.No :P

I see you girl(or guy) cringing.
Weight used to be important,more like a stigma to me.The skinnier you were,the popular you were.The skinnier you were,the more complimented you were.False.
The skinnier I was,the more miserable I felt.The more skinnier I was,the less food I would eat.And I love to eat.
Nothing's wrong about diversity.Nothing's wrong about having curves.Nothing's wrong with not having them.Nothing wrong with not having muscle.You'll survive.I did ;)

We all complain we don't have time.
We all complain we have too much time.
We all waist time.
We all spend time.
Time is a gift.Live the present.That's why it's called present :)

Thank you for sticking around.I appreciate every single one of you,every comment,every share(if not I don't mind).As long as I've put a smile on your face,my job is done :3 :)

Sweet dreams(Or Good morning )

Alexandra :)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Reading:My way of running from stress :)

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When stress kicks in ,this is one of my best ways of escaping it.
Add some music on the background and Voila!Best combo ever :)
If you're facing difficult times,if you're stressed or just having a bad day,reading is an awsome way to make a better turn ;)
I forgot to mention it helps you falls asleep easier :O
Yes!If you have trouble sleeping,this is a great solution to enter Dreamland faster.
The problem nowadays is that we're reading less.For various reasons people are reading less.Maybe it's a little pricy.Maybe we don't have enough time.You see what I did there.I made excuses.Not good :P.
I'm a legit bookworm and thanks to Kindle,I can read a lot more books and not worry about storage space :)
Altough I love me some harcover books ;) Not a hater guys ;)

As for background music,Youtube is full of them I was shocked.I know,I'm an old school gal but what can I do :P
Reccomended channels :Spiritual Moment (they have a huge range of background music) and even anime music can be so soothing ;)
Even when I study nowadays I need some background music .And it's pretty relaxing.The slower,the better ;)

Have an awsome Sunday and start your Monday with a smile :) :D


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