Sunday, 15 November 2015

Reading:My way of running from stress :)

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When stress kicks in ,this is one of my best ways of escaping it.
Add some music on the background and Voila!Best combo ever :)
If you're facing difficult times,if you're stressed or just having a bad day,reading is an awsome way to make a better turn ;)
I forgot to mention it helps you falls asleep easier :O
Yes!If you have trouble sleeping,this is a great solution to enter Dreamland faster.
The problem nowadays is that we're reading less.For various reasons people are reading less.Maybe it's a little pricy.Maybe we don't have enough time.You see what I did there.I made excuses.Not good :P.
I'm a legit bookworm and thanks to Kindle,I can read a lot more books and not worry about storage space :)
Altough I love me some harcover books ;) Not a hater guys ;)

As for background music,Youtube is full of them I was shocked.I know,I'm an old school gal but what can I do :P
Reccomended channels :Spiritual Moment (they have a huge range of background music) and even anime music can be so soothing ;)
Even when I study nowadays I need some background music .And it's pretty relaxing.The slower,the better ;)

Have an awsome Sunday and start your Monday with a smile :) :D


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