Sunday, 28 June 2015

Saturday, 20 June 2015


                                                 Summer 🌞🔆
Hi guys,how are you?I'm really sorry I WAS GONE.AGAIN.But I was really uninspired and all the things I wanted to talk about seemed very boring.
So,since yesterday...SUMMER HOLIDAYS STARTED!And you know what that means.No teachers,no homework,no waking up at six a.m.....Cause summer time is finally here!
I wish I lived in High School Musical to have an exciting summer like Troy,Gabriella and the Wild Cats but I don't live in the States,nore do I have cool good looking friends :P BOOO
Neither a possibility to get a part time job :P
And also this year I'm not travelling.BOOO again.
But I'm going for a week to a camp and also to some programs.So far I've been confirmed to one,but I'm still waiting for the other one to send me a confirmation.
But anyways,I'm sorry for being quiet.Hope You'll forgive me guys!
School kept me busy with studying for finals,exams etc.
BTW I passed my DELF.For those of you who don't know,DELF is like the equivalent for Cambridge in French and I passed level B1 with 84 points.That's like very good.And I also scored second in class with my grades :)
Bonus,and I'm sorry for bragging,but because of my good grades,I got a reduction to a driving school!Driving Schools are very expensive,so this comes in sooo handy :).
Moral of the day,studying hard can get you good things that are worth the time you spent studying.I remember one of my classmates who is best in class got the opportunity to study a language of here choice at a Language School here in Romania :)
Next time,I'll tell you about my Summer resolutions.Hope you'll be here to listen :)

Much Love ,