Monday, 23 November 2015

100th post :) A post about numbers :)

                    Imagine watch, Late, and time
So ....I'm writing my 100th post...I can't believe it.Along the way , I was about to give up so many times for many reasons:Fright,shame,discourage,sadness....But look at me tiping today :)
I'm so proud of myself and this little corner I dedicate my time,and I'm thankful for all the people reading this and my other posts :)

Today's post is going to be about numbers people run from or towards...


A set of numbers that label you.You're short,you must be cute.You're tall,you must be tough.
I'm 1,71(in metres) and I'm somewhat anti-social,I tremble when having to do a speech,never wanting to ask questions.I love a good book.I'm not a good leader but I don't mind organising thinks here and there.I hate not speaking my toughts but I'm afraid I might hurt people's feelings.
Was my  height relevant.No :P

I see you girl(or guy) cringing.
Weight used to be important,more like a stigma to me.The skinnier you were,the popular you were.The skinnier you were,the more complimented you were.False.
The skinnier I was,the more miserable I felt.The more skinnier I was,the less food I would eat.And I love to eat.
Nothing's wrong about diversity.Nothing's wrong about having curves.Nothing's wrong with not having them.Nothing wrong with not having muscle.You'll survive.I did ;)

We all complain we don't have time.
We all complain we have too much time.
We all waist time.
We all spend time.
Time is a gift.Live the present.That's why it's called present :)

Thank you for sticking around.I appreciate every single one of you,every comment,every share(if not I don't mind).As long as I've put a smile on your face,my job is done :3 :)

Sweet dreams(Or Good morning )

Alexandra :)

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