Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What to do when sad :)

                  Imagine cat, funny, and lol
First open this link :

Ahh that's a lot better :)

So guys,when different reasons makes us sad,it's our turn to step down and relax.
Nowadays we are to busy to rest for a couple of minutes because we are always running.And running.Did I mention running?

For various reasons,our mood goes down sometimes,but we can easily boost it of we try.

Here are some tips that hopefuly might help.I know there are a lot of posts like these but whatever,I know only my friends read them :)) Joie I'm looking at you :)

If I did another post similar,no worries,reminding you to slow down more often is better ;)

Simple.Indulge on something you love.I like to eat EVERYTHING when I'm sad but I guess I balance it with exercise.Right?

Really now,food is a great stimulater,so eat in moderation something that you like to make you feel special :)
Joie,easy in the coffee :))

I'll tell ya a thing.I'm obsessed with books.If books make me happy,so will you be if you read.And you'll be smarter.Win-win situation here.Your welcome ;)

3)Watch funny stuff.
Cats videos.Fail videos.Vines.Youtubers.Wacth'em ;)

4)Go for a walk
If you're lazy like me and hate exercising,it can't get lazier that this :D
Take walks and appreciate your town,village,street,ice-cream shop.....Yeah,I'm always thinking about food :)

Relaxing :)
Pair it with snacking and a movie or a book.Heaven.
To all my Bath&Body works people out there,you are lucky.We don't have them in Romania(or at least I don't know.But if we have them,they're expensive, I guarantee you)

I guess you got it.I think you've read at least 20 posts this week on how to destress.Sorry.Nothing new maybe.:(
At least I tried.But then again,only my friends read my blog lol.Joie I blame you for the lol :P

Last but not least ;)


Good night!


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