Monday, 23 February 2015

Being too nice sucks :(

I'm a really nice person.I really like to help people.It makes me feel good.But people nowadays just take advantage of you.So...It sucks being nice.Why I am I like this?
Because it also makes me feel good.
I always did even though those people weren't worth it.
I'M really bad at saying NO.

Why people want my help?Why everybody wants my notes?Am I the only one taking notes in class?
Am I the only one actually trying to focus in classes?
What bugs me actually is that these crap make me frustrated for nothing.
I'm going to admit.I am weak.I can't say no.I like to help people.There is a saying,what you give is what you get.Maybe someday I'll get what I deserve.
Now I want to give.I feel generous.And not in that irronic,mean way.I think it is like a legacy.
My heart said to write so I listened.
Hope I didn't bore you.
Sorry if I did :(

Sincerely yours,


  1. Darling, I think I understand you better than anyone...or I guess xD
    But if helping others makes you feel good, then do it for your own Happiness (as I do) and don't give a damn for those who don't worth it, there are many people who will appreciate this lovely quality of you :*

    1. Thank you for the advice.
      I guess we deffine what happiness means to us :)