Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sickness cravings :/

I'm in the mood for something sweet.Not beacuse I'm pregnant,but because I'm sick :(.
What can make you feel better when you are sick?
Enjoy :3

If I didn't make you crave keep going >:))

Ok,but seriously,I went to the doctor today and she gave me tons of medicine.I'm not a medicine person,but since I'm so sick I'm just gonna let it slide this time.Haleluia I didn't go to school!
So sick of it I'm actually happy I'm sitting at home.I tried working out today and it felt good.I cannot kill myself right now with cardio and HIIT but still,the workout was hard.Still feel better about myself.I cannot go out which I don't mind.I wish people would just let me be.I'm tired sometimes about my parents being all on my head with drinking tea,screaming at me to take my medicine away from the kitchen,and coming and coming AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN TO ASK ME IF I'M OK.I'm not if you keep pissing me!!!
I remember when I was sick once and I was at school(thanks familly),one of my classmates when he heard I had fever,he told me that I'm hot :)).Thank God I have classmates like him :D
NO but seriously(again).My family is nuts!They just send me to school even if I cough,even if I'm dizzy,even I have the slightest simptomes of a cold,if it's not fever,then I'M GOOD TO GO.I just have to collaps in class and get an actual fever to be able to come home.And IT'S MY FAULT FOR NOT DRESSING WELL WHILE OUTSIDE IS COLD.IT'S NOT LIKE HALF OF MY CLASS IS SICK AND I JUST GOT THE VIRUS,NOOOOOOOO :p
I always wished to live alone and I swear to God I can't wait to move.Families in general,or at least mine,f**k up when reasing a teenager.No hate please,it's just personal opinion and personal experience.I'm not implying that ALL faimilies are like this.Calm down and let the keebord live :))!!!

Hope you had a great day!

Never forget to take care of your health ;)

Alexandra with germs :))

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  1. First of all...I needed to take a moment and came back to earth after I saw thouse photos (as always) :))
    Second: I want you to take care of yourself ! *hug*
    P.S. The thing with "Alexandra with germs" is just...ay Dios mio :)))))