Friday, 27 February 2015

My ultimate ADDICTION....K-POP :D

-When it  started.Back in,I think,2009-2010 when my neighbor showed me my first K-pop music performance(not music video).Can you guess what she showed me?
I'll give you a clue.It's a famous girl group,owned by a BIG company,very popular,used to have 2 girls fluent in English.If you didn't guess then wait till the end to find out ;).
Anyways,at first I had the same reaction of every person hearing music in a different language:"What the heck are they saying.I mean they are pretty but why do YOU even like them?"
And still I remember that day as the Conversion day.
Later back in 2012 I guess everybody knows what happened that year.If not then you're either stupid or you were visiting some other planet and have no clue.
That's right.Psy Gangnam Style came to light and EVERY human being enjoyed it,loved it and up till this day know the Horse dance :))
Slowly,I started to be curious about that girl group I was talking earlier.I typed their name on Youtube.When I saw they had an English name and Song Titles in English,I tought they were singing in English.So I bumped into their debut song not knowing.Because it was in korean I had no ideea what everything meant.But I cotinued searching and saw they had a song in English.I listened to it,loved it,downloaded it,sang it......And an adiction has started.
Then I started digging some more songs.Altough I didn't understand even 0.0000000000001% of what they were singing,I liked their music.And continued downloading and watching music videos.
Then I started bumping on Youtube on videos about "K-POP" and was introduced to other bands.
Special thanks to ISHlist,Kids&Youtubers React to K-pop and the channels of the following who,untill today I watch and don't know how I would survive without:
and of course the great and awsome Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi.
Thank you so much awsome people for helping me "transform"
For those who don't know,in Korea,singers are called idols,because they are supposed to represent the ideal image of the society(basically be perfect).Which represents kind of a burden for them to survive in that industry,but somehow they manage to resist.I'm pretty impresed and proud to listen and like them.

Today,the music on my phone consists in 90% K-POP songs and that's all that matters.
Some of my reccomended bands:Bassicly every band from the following labels:
SM Entertainment:GIRL'S GENERATION,SHinee,Super Junior,EXO,f(x),Red Velvet
YG Entertainment:2NE1,Big Bang
Other notable bands(also AWSOME):EXID,MAMAMOO,SONAMOO,Rainbow,CNBLUE,AOA,U-KISS,4MINUTE,Boys Republic,Boyfriend,Sistar,VIXX,GOT7,2pm,miss A etc.

Hope I didn't miss any of your favourites.
Hope we have the same "addiction".

Saranghae(I love you)!

Alexandra :*

I forgot to tell you who that band was :D
Are you ready?




If you didn't guess yet,
Repeat after me
Also Know AS Girl's Generation
Sowon for life :)

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