Friday, 20 February 2015

Living inside book pages :)

Have you ever experienced the joy of leaving this boring,sad,ugly world and just escape in another trough just a few book pages?
Be realistic.I did,you did,we all did.
I can affirm that I could live without my phone.Just me and my books.You seriously learn a lott about life than in school.Or at least this is my opinion.
I forget that this world exists.I can't put the book down.I fall in love with the main caracters(or caracter :)).
I get ideas that don't apply to this world.Like dreamy boys that would risk their lifes for their loved ones.Or legendary creatures like dragons and unicorns(not they do not exist CALM DOWN !!!).
Adventure,mystery,danger,love...OK,less love more adventure.I preffer books that are more adventurous than a story about a couple and their complicated love life Ehh :P
Can you imagien what you read?Do you daydream like me about what you read?Do you fall in love with myterious/dreamy guys?Do you wish that magic ex...I mean could be legalised?
I want to see sord fights,or ninjas,or pirates,or witches(not that they don't exist.I mean who do you think runs schools.It's all a conspiracy I SWEAR TO GOD).
I want to go to Hogwarts.Can't we at least envent a school with the same name?
I want to live in Bookland.
Bring magic to light!
I want to ride my unicorn without people wanting to eat it!
Who's with me?

Sweet dreams ;)


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