Saturday, 28 February 2015

A great movie I saw today :)

So today I had to study A LOTT,so I figured out I had to reward myself after I'm done.
So I tought,let's start reading a book.Which I did.I started reading recently the Pretty Little Liars series.When I was in Middle School,all the "cool kids" used to talk about those books,and when the series came out,they went crazy about them.
Me personaly,I hate what other people like.It took me 5 years to make myself read the Harry Potter series.And now 4 to read PLL.And I'm quite impressed.Maybe during Summer break I'll start watching the serie.

As for the movie I watched today:It was Maze Runner.I guess some of you Teen Wolf fans might have watched it for Dylan O'Brian.Me,I couldn't care less.Again,so many girls were so head over heels for him,I just had to see why.
I can affirm that,in this movie,he impressed me with his acting skills.
The plot itself was interesting and I couldn't imagine a better Thomas than Dylan.
I'm not going to spoil anything about it.Just go and watch it.If you are not into action,intense and at some point scary scenes,DON'T WATCH IT ALONE&WITHOUT LIGHTS ON.Learned from experience.Other thant that, it's A good movie ;).

Have a lovely day ;)


In the future I won't go easy on you ;)

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