Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Best friend...

Sometimes these words seems for me a little ambiguous.
How should your best friend be?
Should he/she be perfect?
Should he/she be everytime with you?
Should he/she always listen to you?
I, for some reason,can afirm that I have a best friend.
Tho,it's ok for spending time with other people.
Now,let me share you me and my best friend's story.

We met in seventh grade when I was bullied a lot and had literally nobody.
She just moved from another school and she was kind of in the same situation.
So I started to talk to her and see that we have stuff in common.In 2 years we could both agree we were best friends.And she could tollerate my BIG MOUTH.Now,since we don't attend the same high-schools,I can affirm our relationship cooled to the point where we barelly talk because we are so busy.She is great at math and has a clear path in front of her,while I'm still unsure :(
I respect her a lot and I hope that in the future we can reunite and laugh our head off :)

To answer the first questions:
NO.A best friend doesn't need to be perfect.
NO.She needs to listen when I want her to give me advice.
NO.She doesn't need to be 24/7 with me.Just chat from time to time.
Never blame each other for not keeping in touch.We all have our own lives and problems,so putting a weight like that on your besties shoulders makes you a bad person :(.

That my friends is the key to a healthy besties relationship ;)

Good evening/morning/afternoon to everyone :)!


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