Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lack of productivity :(

I consider myself a productive person.But sometimes,due to stress,boredom or too much productivity used at once,I fall out of ideas.
These things started to happen to me recently during weekends.Throughout the week I complain I don't have time to do this and that,and when weekend comes...My brain farts
I spend 90% of my day wondering what to do when I might have options like reading books which I have a lot to read,or do homework or study or watch another K-Drama(which is one of my obsessions).Literally,the weekend passes so fast and I barely read something,studied something or even watched something.I hate it so much it sometimes hurts like f.
I personaly hate not doing something.Of course I have days when I want to be lazy beacause of all the school work.Thanks to this blog,I feel a lot more productive and finaly feal I'm doing something right.All my life I was bullied or put down for being useless,so I matters a lot.
I'm not perfect.And I'm proud of every single decision I make,of every mistake I make,of being ME.
So,to conclude my story,I begg you to try and make choices that have a produtive "conclusion".
Nothing in this life is milk and honey(I mean it's easy,only milk and honey are milk and honey OK?:))
Take chances,make changes!
Get productive!


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