Saturday, 21 February 2015

The perks of being cute :3

Nobody can contest this.CUTE PEOPLE GET EVERYTHING.They just have to open widely their eyes and BAM!It's done.
I'm also talking from experience beacause I sometimes try to get thinks acting cute.Most of the times works.For some reasons my parents are imune.Oh well,nothing in life is perfect.
Another weird thing is that,I know some people who were born with,and I'm beeing honest,A CUTE FACE :O
And still,they don't use it.And they receive compliments for their faces ALL THE TIME,24/7 from everyone.
Now,let's talk about pets.90% of them are freaking CUTE :).
I mean,look at the doggy up there.Who could resist those eyes?
I never had a dog,so I'm free from the DOG CONTROL >:D
The case might not be the same with cats.While dogs are cute,CATS ARE EVIL!!!
They have no eye trick,they PURR!THEY CUDDLE!And then,the claws appear!!!
And after they get what they want,they leave.They got what they wanted,and fooled you to get it!
Cats sound like human society nowadays.Calm down,I guess some good people are out there(I hope :/)
Totally a dog person!All day everyday!
At least if you kick a  dog he'll stay there and look at you with the saddest eyes ever being like:
"Did I do something wrong master?"
I f you kick a cat in the butt,she leaves faster than a rocket.The principal of my previous school used to say stuff like that :).Funny guy ;)

In conclusion to this long blabber...Cute people/pets get everything!But be careful for the evilness behind it! ;)

Be safe!

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