Friday, 3 April 2015

When I say cookies....You say....

You guessed it...Diabetes :(
To clarify the confusion,today I cheated way to heard :P
I hope tomorrow I'll have energy to workout because I feel seriously more sore after a day cheating than working out my butt.It's a little hard to believe but that's what happens to me.Can anyone rely?
I never completely about my workouts.My favourite channel to workout is Fitness Blender.Their workouts are so well structured than I truely believe they should get an award for their work.
When I'll afford,I'm going to try one of their programs.I reccomend them because,in my opinion,they are the best!Their workouts varies for every fitness level.And they're so kind and they're so good in what they're doing.
My week went so slow when 2 weeks of Easter Holidays are here :D.OMG so happy to finally have some time for me :)
And meet with my relatives which I miss a lot.Especially my great aunt who was my beloved grandpa's sister.She's a kind women with a big mouth.Deffinetly a characteristic of the south of Romania where she's from :)).Yet I love her and can't wait to meet her :D
It's so fascinating that for a few days I can experience the culture of the Gorj department from Romania.The culture is different and sometimes it is so funny to hear what they have to say :)
Back to subject,don't cheat to much on your cheat day.Your tummy will hurt :((

Much love :)

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