Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why We Should Love the Earth More!

Here are some reasons that we should love our planet EVERY day!

1)Right now it is the only planet we can live on.

2)It's the only planet with CHOCOLATE!
In one word,the heavens gift :D
From this

To this :3

3)It is also the only planet in the Universe you can have PIZZA :O
4)It is full of beautiful countrie worth visiting

5)There is much diversity on this planet :).Basically,so many cultures to discover :D

6)So much  music :)
I'm a music lover so I think a lot of people can relate to that :)

Also a lot of arts to chose from ;)

7)So much  good FOOD :3

8)Flowers :3

9)Perfume :)

10)Cute animals :3

11)Smiling faces :)
I think it's not all this planet has to offer but these are the little things that bring a smile on my face :)

Happy Earth's Day! :)


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