Wednesday, 1 April 2015


So it was 2 days ago when I felt again kind of sick so I layed down on 2 chairs in class and fell asleep for like an hour and a half but that was a good sleep :))
Now don't get me wrong I don't sleep in class.We just had a free class because our Math teacher was busy.
I woke up to the sounds of people screaming.Ok they weren't scared screams but I was flustured a litlle.But then I heard they weren't just screaming but laughing.A lot :))
The I observed one of them was having headphones on and the others around him were trying to mimick with their mouths words.It was so hilarious I just had to join in.
We had so much  fun that we played for the whole Math class(which wasn't exactly Math class because the teacher wasn't).It was so fun seeing people enjoying and spending good time together :)
You might want to try it with your classmates.And make sure to record.That's what I call making memories :))
Today we played some more but it wasn't as hilarious.We tried to do miming but people didn't seem so keen to it :(
We have to come with something else to play in class.Any ideas?
These days I felt like being sick again,at the tought makes me sick :(
Why me???
Easter is around the corner :D
Are you expecting anything this year?
I wish for some luck :).And lots of opportunities :D.And of course health :)

Happy early Easter :)
May the Easter bunny come to your homes :)


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