Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to bond with your younger sister :)

A sister can be more than a person you share the same blood.It can be your confident,your therapist,your friend.I can affirm that my best friend is my younger sister whom I've spent beautiful 12 years together.Today I'm going to tell you how my sister and I enjoy spending time.

1)Telling what happened throughout the day.
How was school,if we earned any grades,if someone messed with us,we talk at the end of the day about things like these.It helps us relieve the stress.

2)Asking each other for advice.
I'll admit.I ask my sister for advice from time to time.She also asks me and we try to speak with our heart.It helps us bond and we laugh a lot :)

3)Watching animation movie marathon.
Yesterday we watched not one,not two,but three Scooby Doo movies.We tried to figure out the suspects and see if we find the culprit.It was so fun :)

4)Eating yummy stuff together :)
It helps with the bond we are happy when sharing something sweet :)

5)Going for walks.
My sister hates them :))
I still try to get her off the couch to get some fresh air and Vitamin D.

6)Buy eachother presents.
Even though giving love to each other is enough :)

I hope It was interesting for you guys.
Sorry I wasn't active but I felt I needed some time to meditate and relax and just not use my brain :))
I love you guys :)!

Good night/morning :)!


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