Sunday, 5 April 2015

How to enjoy Easter :)

Guys Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!
I'm hoping you're having a great time,you're not overeating and get a tummy pain :(
Although It's not Easter for me,me and my familly celebrated with cake because why not?:))
Tommorow it's the "School Week Different" when we don't have classes and do activities instead.
Tomorrow we our going with our Romanian teacher to the 1989 Revolution memorial.I've never been there so I think it's going to be interesting.
Right now I feel so lazy............
I hope you had a great day and spend it well with familly :)
Let's get down to bussiness

How to enjoy Easter with familly

1)Spend time together(obviously)

2)Eat dinner together.
Don't have eating contests.Nobody wants to spend holidays at the hospital.

3)Go outside.It helps to walk after all that food.

4)Go on a trip.
Holidays are about traveling :)

It's all I could come up with today sorry :D

Happy Easter!


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