Monday, 20 April 2015


Altough I'm 17 and a girl,well,I really don't like makeup.
I know you're gonna be like "WHAT???" but this is the truth.
Makeup never represented  and who knows when it is going to represent something for me.
So,to start,I don't understand how can girls waste between 10 min. to  I don't know how many hours of their lives to draw on their face with literally face crayons.Those crayons might have substances that actually damage your skin.
Also,who would spend so much money on makeup?When I hear like girl Youtubers spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on makeup to "complete their collection ",I freak.Really?Makeup collection?
Like those products lay around and they keep reproducind :))
Why would a girl invest so much time and money on makeup?Can ,like,a girl answer me?:))
I like to take care of my skin,but not cover my face with like cement and paint:))
Don't get offended girls but this is an opinion of a girl :))
I personaly believe that every women was born beautiful.
And I also think that makeup makes you pretty.
But do want to be beautiful or just pretty?
Also if you don't use makeup you save time and money. That's like a huge win for me :D
I do respect every makeup artist and appreciate their work.Don't get me wrong.
But I feel like women nowadays forget that beauty lies within.
And it's not their fault,it's because of the media that promotes stereotypes of beauty.
But I still tell myself every morning that God made me beautiful,that I'm blessed with my body and face,that I have amazing talents that are worth so much more than my face covered in makeup.
Did I mention how many products are out there?And how many steps you have to follow?And don't try to come up with the "natural look".Natural look is your face in the morning.
John Legend said in his song "All of me" a very smart verse:"All your perfect imperfections"
Think about this.If we could all be perfect and look the same,where would diversity be?

This was my heart talking : )


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