Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Easter's over,so that means I'm finaly free to relax :)
It was so tiresome :(
Now I get to sleep  full10hours.And yes,I need that much rest :P.
Next week...School again :(
Still,I was travelling to Targu Jiu to see my relatives and,for the first time I made my familly to vist the famous Brancusi Park with his famous sculptures and the Famous Endless Column.Downtown was also so nice.I was pleasently surprised with it's buildings clean aspect.Deffinetly a town worth visiting.You don't have much to see,but stoping for let's say 2 day is worth it.I'll leave at the end with some pictures taken by me so I take full credit :)
I'm continuing to read The PLL books.Today I started reading the 8th one.Deffinetly a serie worth reading.You never know what will happen to those girls.And the books are a paralel universe to the show.Don't expect to see the show and think you know what's happening in the books.
Do you enjoy road trips.I despise them.Or at least this is how I feel when I have to spend 5 hours in the car with my family.I never have space to rest my legs because there are also around 5 bags.We have to leave for only 3 days but we have luggage enoug for a week.
I jope to go for such a road trip with my BFF someday.Enough space to strech legs and travel comfortably.
On the K-POP subject,did anyone listen the Exo's-Call me baby,Exid's-Ah Yeah,GG'S-Catch me if you can,Mamamoo's-Ahh Oop?Check them out!
Ok,so I hope I covered up everything.Hope you liked it:)
Much love :)

Poarta Sărutului(The Kiss Gate)

Aleea Scaunelor(The Chair's Alley)

Masa Tăcerii(The table of Silence)

Coloana Infinitului(The Endless Column)

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