Saturday, 25 April 2015


One of the most used torture tools in the Medieval times....I mean...In present times...
Ok so now you're going to hear me saying how much I HATE high heels.
I know what you are thinking.I know I'm a girl.I know I should like them but...Let's be honest..
I've seen to may fails on the Internet with women(and men :)) who try to walk in them but NOPE.
These things were made for torture.And why?Because women were desperate enough to want to be or appear taller that they would agree to slid their delicate feet in them.
My firstexperience with them was probably when I was in Kindergarten.Of course,like 90% of the female population,I just had to walk in my mom's shoes.Back them I don't remember hating them so much,more like beeing anxious to start wearing them in the future.
But God what was I thinking :O ???
In 8th grade I wanted to wear high heels because 99% of my girl classmates were going to wear them.And back them fitting in was something kind of important to me.So I bought myself a pair.
And Holy Fish!The shoes were coming out of my feet!
They were so uncomfortable I was thanking God I had a pair of sandals in my back(And Yes I said bag because back then I didn't care about caring two bags with me.One mathcing the dress,and one with shoes :)))
Right now,even not behaving like a girl,I still feel excluded.But I stopped trying,I guess.
It's not a good thing so don't do like me.
I'm not a model so sometimes what I say can be good,or bad.
So it's up to you guys to chose who you want to be,but most importantly,
And try to be your own role model.I never wanted to be anyone else than myself.So be your own Superhero!

Love ya and have a nice weekend :)


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