Sunday, 10 May 2015


Today's post I'm going to dedicate it entirely to my mom whom I love,and hope this will inspire other people to love more and respect your mothers they are true heroines worht prainsing.Hats down to mothers.
Some of you might be familiar to what BuzzFeed's Try Guys did these days.They experienced how motherhood and giving birth feels like.Honestly,this changed my perspective and scared the ef out of me.Now I really don't know if I'll ever be ready to endure such pain(because I hate pain).

I'm going to write today both in Romanian and English because I want to reach out my Romanian readers to post such a letter with the hastag "MyMomMyHero".

I'm going to start.

Dear mom,
I never knew how painful was bringing me to this world.I'm so grateful for every minute of pain you had to endured and hope you know how much I love you even though I'm not very good at showing.The thing is,I grew up so I might not need you in every single thing I do but the kisses that I refuse,I still want them from you.And I know that you still remeber every silly thing from when I was little so thank you for making me smile with them :)

I'll love you to the infinite and beyond.
And if dad is reading this,tell him wait untill Father's Day for his turn ;)


Dragă mami,
Nu am știut niciodată cât de dureros a fost să mă aduci pe lume.Îți sunt atât de recunoscătoare pentru fiecare minut a trebuit să înduri și sper că știi cât de mult te iubesc chiar dacă nu mă pricep să-ți arăt asta.Chestia este că am crescut,deci s-ar putea să nu mai am nevoie de tine în fiecare lucru pe care îl fc but de pupicii pe care îi refuz,încă îi vreau de la tine.Și știu că încă îți amintești fiecare lucru amuzant pe care îl făceam când eram mică și îți mulțumesc că mă faci să zâmbesc cu ele.

Tei voi iubi până la infinit și înapoi!

Te iubesc MAMI!

Hope you a great day and remember to cherish your mom every day!Everything she does is for you!

Love you guys, and a happy mother's day to everymom out there !!!!!!!!!!!


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