Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What keeps me going...

To all me friends reading this.
I'm not a strong person.
I'm weak,I need moral support which I don't get,so I have go give it to myself.
So today I'm going to share what helps me cope with the pain and insecurities.

1)My dreams.
The best about dreams is that,the more the better.If it wasn't for them,right know I might be in need of theraphy.
My goals and hopes are strong and many enough to fight my insecure self.

2)My sister.
Her cheerful and compasionate character are contagious.Like a virus.A good one though ;)

Escaping my problems through books is heaven.
Reading about exciting characters and their stories...Heaven :)

Classical.K-Pop.Pop.Theme songs(See Narwhal song :))))
Instant happiness.

I wanted to stroll around town to show you my home town.Enjoying the idea?

All kinds of content provided by Youtubers.The funnier,the better... ^_^

7)Chatting with friends.
Sometimes helps.
Although,don't talk about problems...Gossiping from time to time won't hurt as long as you don't become rude.

Hope it helps.

Good luck ;)


I'll add a cake photo.Bon appetite ;)

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