Thursday, 21 May 2015


Ok,so today we're getting serious.
I hate it when my friends fight.
I know it's supposed to bring harmony between friends after,but isn't there another way?
Most of the times,when my friends fight,I get in the middle,and my first instinct is to walk away.Like I did today.I'm not the best councelor,and especially when one side is more stubborn than the other.
Why on earth do they fight over stupid stuff?
Why can't they collaborate in peace?
Like I said,stubborness is the DEVIL!When both sides are stubborn,the war starts.When both sides have big egos,it's a nightmare.When they'll read this post,It's the end for me :(
Also,I've never seen them having a civilised conversation.It either involved sarcasm,which led to screaming and both sides parted away.It's easy to walk away,but is it worth it?

Another subject I want to talk about today is the word "team".
For those of you who are to lazy to check the dictionary,here you go :

number of people or animals who do something together as a group:basketball/hockey/netball teama team of investigatorsused in a number of phrases that refer to people working together as a group in order to achieve something:It was a real team effort - everyone contributed something to the success of the project.
   When in a team,everybody should do something.I agree there should be a leader.But not a boss.Not someone who orders.Nore someone who insists on doing EVERYTHING.That's not a team anymore,it's individual work.Everybody should work.Life won't repay you with doing everything.Sometimes it causes frustration from the rest of the team.It's not a good feeling.And there's no such thing as "Team of One".And also it's not even fair,no mather if you on purpose wanted to do everything just to "win".You just get what you want,the final product looks the way YOU wanted,and make other people not want to work with you anymore.Congratiulations!And don't look me in the eyes that you're OK with that.That doesn't make you a human anymore.I may have been harsh on what I wrote,but sometimes people don't have ears to hear the truth.So they must read it with their eyes.
I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.But please,open your eyes.There are people around us.Would you be okay if someone did something like this to you?
Thanks for reading.Have a good day :*

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