Saturday, 30 May 2015

I finally finished T he PLL books!!!

After a long journey and soooooo many plot twists,I'm so happy I've survived A and I congratulate myself for having the patience to read such an amaizing serie(which Is also 16 books :O)
I've never read so many books in such a short period of time.It's a personal record I'm very proud I've accomplished :D.That's how winnig feels like.
I'm going to be honest.When I was like at the 11th,12-th book I almost lost it.I was a little sick of it.But I survived.
Now the big question comes.What am I going to do with my life from now on?
Maybe study?Good joke right?But seriously study!It's good for you!

I feel so happy I've read this series because I've heard a lot of fuss about these books and the Tv show.And I've waited like 5 or more years for the people around me to shut up for my interest to come back.I told you I'm old school.
Also,I'm so lucky that last year the series was finished,so I didn't have to wait.Which is VERY GOOD!I'm not a patient person.
I hope it was interesting for you and I hope it kind of made you want to try to read the books.
It might have been a boring post,IDK,IDC YOLO I'M FLAWLESS!!!!
HOPE you enjoyed t and I'll see you next time ;)

Bye :DD:D


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