Saturday, 2 May 2015


Honestly...I'm happy I got to watch it for free at home,on my couch.
The only thing interesting about this movie was that it had some changes in the plot(SPOILERS FREE ;)
I think some music was really mising.It was quite awkward at some times without it(like when the  Fairy God Mother did her thing).
And also,the actors chosen as Cinderella and the Prince were exactly as in the Disney Animation.A little bit too.......perfect.I wish I could see a more....normal Cinderella.I'm not saying that what they did with the casting was wrong.But I think a less perfect Cinderella and Prince would've been better.
Do you agree or is it just a weird think for me to say?
Also,I felt some caracters have lost their charm.Like the Fairy Godmother.She looked very Unconfortable and like she didn't knew what she was supposed to do.
And I was expecting for at least a murmured Bipiti bapiti BOO!Nothink of that.
And the mice who were always dancing around and cheering Ella...The were so Useless.
Not to mention Lucifer who had 2 Cameos completely useless.And there was no dog(I think Brudo was his name)neither her lovable horse.He was so fun.I missed those guys.
I even think the animation was longer than the movie :O
The location,however,killed it.Beautiful...Just gorgeous ;)
The lack of music was just ....Childhood killing....
And also,there are two deaths in the movie that kind of ruined the atmosphere.First her mother,then her father.But whe still have a bitchy mom with very idiot daughters.This time she walks Lucifer on a leash :))

What did you think about the movie?
I want to hear your opinon ;)

Much Love :*

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