Friday, 15 May 2015


Don't you just love rain?I for sure adore it :)
It's so good for the plants,trees,soil,agriculture...Or just to "wash" a little polluted towns :))
Ok,so I believe it was a while since I updated my dramas.I finished watching Blood and let me tell you that I was really dissapointed be the ending.THEY KILLED MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER :(
And HE WAS HOT!!!I mean look at him

I wish I'de find  better picture :P
Anyways,he was a genius and a total cutie...How can you kill him.I hated the script writer for that >:(
I started a drama some time ago:The Girl Who Sees Smells.It's really good,even after watching Dramafever's LOLS(Lapses of Logic).It's worth watching.And Yoochun and Shin Se-Kyung are such a cute couple :3
She's kind of like me:a big dork who suddenly gets courageous under stress :3
Things are boring in school even 3 of 4 finals are gone.One more and the French Exam and done :D
How are you guys doing with school?
Are you also taking extra curriculars?I'm into singing so I still take classes,and also next week I'll sing for my third time a really cheerful song:Wouldn't it be lovely from My Fair Lady.Just a great song to put you in a good mood :D
Have an awsome weekend :)


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  1. First... Don't have any idea 'bout the movie...but i'm agree! He shouldn't have been killed :))
    Also, on monday, I want to tell me more 'bout thouse singing classes you writed here :o3 I'm curious, darling ^_^
    P.S. Have a weekend as lovely as you are! <3