Saturday, 16 July 2016

How to get out of the comfort zone


I've started getting out of the comfort zone recently. And I had some help. I'm the shy type, so I needed that boost. There are people out there who are ment to be the in the front and there are people who are ment to be in the back. But it's nice to just switch from time to time.
I began  getting out of my comfort zone thanks to the projects I've been involved because they made me interact with people, and that helped me gain some hope in today's human kind. I was terrified because of past experience and you might be too, but not all people are mean. I had to learn this lesson by going out with my class mates who turned out to be so different when they were not in the four walls of school. This is part of human psychology. We have more than one face. We have three faces: one we show when we're at work, one we show when we're with friends and family and one we show when we're alone. Of course others have developed throughout time like the face you give when your with your crush or your teacher or your cousins etc. Those things are determined by the human brain. The best example are singers who have to put a show without truly showing themselves. They have that stage set attitude that brings you in. But they really have to get out of the comfort zone in order to perform for so many people. That's a challenge! And that's why not everybody can perform on stage. But getting out of the comfort zone can mean going out with your friends to a new coffee shop or a new concert, maybe even a paintball fight or a lazer tagg arena. Get together and challenge your limits. You don't need to always be alone when your challenging yourself. Friends are a huge confidence booster :)

Hope that helped you.

All my love :*


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