Saturday, 9 July 2016

Why kids lie

So I was wondering for a while why it is a lot easier to lie as you get older.And I'm not thinking 20-30, I'm thinking 5-10, maybe earlier or later.
So I thought of the closest kid I know who lies and why.Me.
Now you're going to think, ''Alexandra you're 18'', but I didn't start lying recently, but way earlier.
When I was about 12-13, I started lying about my grades because, to my family, that seamed like the most important thing in the world, adding to that, I was compared to the smather kids like "Why can they have straight 10 and you can't.Well, for a thing I hated a lot of subjects and I just couldn't shove all that crap in my head, so I was pleased I passed.But I didn't pass with 5, I passed with 7, maybe 8, but the fact that it wasn't a 10 was a huge crime for my parents.You can't even imagine how they reacted to my entering Highschool exams.Again, they weren't bad but not 10.
Back to the subject.Later in Highschool I think I gave up lying about my grades cause I didn't care anymore.And I had higher results than in Middle School.But the stress was just >.<
I asume I started lying even earlier like when I was lied for stealing the cookie from the cookie jar :))
The expectations that my parents had made me lie.The last cookie made me lie.Kidding.
I used to lie about a lot of things to get attention.I didn't have much attention from my family and, after losing most of my friends because puberty(God I hate you), I started making up a life I didn't have.I would lie about trips, or that I went there, did that.Basically anything to impress.I gave up on that too cause I didn't care.I was and still think I'm in the same point.I don't care if I'm alone, with no friends or family.As long as I have an internet connection and lots of books on my kindle, I will survive.And k-pop <3
Ok, not a good message to kids.Go out and make friends!
As a conclusion, what made baby Alexandra lie was trying to fit in and get away from her parents with their unrealistic academic vision.
Now I 'm fine and not lie as much.Now I don't hide.I steal the cookie :))

Hope you enjoyed my post :)

Tah-tah :)

Alexandra <3

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