Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Why I've been so silent...

I'm sorry there was nothing for you guys to read but...I just felt I had nothing to share with you.I was not in the  mood.I just wanted to sit and do basically nothing.I feel depressed.All I do is spend my life between 4 walls whether it's school or home which at the beggining I thought was OK,but now when better weather is coming out,I want to stay outdoors more but I don' have with who,or time.
I felt so sad that neither here was an escape for me.My inspiration was down to the center of the earth :(
Whenever I wanted to post,I felt they were to short or even to boring for me to reread and check the grammar mistakes which by the way are present because I'm a human who makes mistakes and doesn't have hawk eyes for finding every single mistake.
Anyways,the good news is that I started watching a new drama(korean obviously):The Moon Embracing the Sun.It is quite boring now at the end,but even in the middle I kind of skipped some scenes.Though the story is interesting and the actors did a good job.
I wanted to start reading some books but I felt so lazy but at the same time I wasn't motivated enough :(.I guess I have some time on the weekends but I don't have the motivation.I feel I've lost most of it.What's happening to me?Life.It's to overwhelming.

I'm going to let you guys now that I will give my best to post and also to return with more positive feedback.And I hope I didn't bore you today because I felt the need to write.They might not be the happiest things I said but I promise that my positivity and my smiling posts will return :).

With honesty and big hopes for the future :)

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