Saturday, 14 March 2015

Laughing is a medicine :)

I've always felt the "healing" powers of laughing.Whenever I'm sad,I go on Youtube and watch funny Youtubers.This week I felt put down,so for a few days I had a Boyfriend VS Girlfreind marathon.They are such a funny couple that I bet will never stop doing pranks which I don't want them to :))
Anyways,I felt really put down this week by people who I tought were supportive towards me but guess I was wrong.I'm going to admit.I cried.But at least after that I smiled.And a lott.
And then laught.A lott :))
Anyways,today I had the Speaking part at the French  competition and I managed to do well.The topick I had to talk was music which basicly is my life so it was easy :D
Lauging once in a while makes me get back on track.I felt so sad and not willing to continue my life this week I'm so happy weekend came for a little break.I started a new K-drama:The Moon that embraces the Sun.I think some of you might have heard about it.It's good so far.But it has so many caracters I hope I'll remember them when they grow up (in the drama of course ) :))

Do more of what makes you happy :)
A smile is a weapon :)
A cat falling in a toilet is hilarious :))

Love you,sorry for being short.Like I said.Society kills creativity :(
Stay strong!


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