Thursday, 12 March 2015

Cause I had a bad day :(

Ok,so seems like all the Universe IS conspiring against me.First of all,I got my results for the final exams simulations.Then I get a freaking annoying foot pain that won't let me be :(
It hurts so bad,and thinking it's been a week since I was sick,I just don't get it.Maybe it is a sign that good things will happen in the future.I hope.
Moral of the day:No mather how bad days might seem,they are preparing you for better news/times.
Here a picture with something delicious to make myself and you feel better ;)

Speaking about diabetees,today was one of my classmate's birthday!He's 18 :O!Happy Birthday altough he's not reading my blog :))
Anyways,we had cake,chocolate...Someone's getting fat this week.Eh,Whatcha gonna do,my leg hurts to hard :((

If you're having a bad day don't forget to smile...or watch music videos with good looking guys,it's the same :)))

Ok guys,seriously now,try to make the best of the worts and things will change.Don't let people put you down,it's not worth it;).

Watch videos with funny cats and forget the worst.The ones with cats and water are just the best :))
In my last blog post,I reminded you guys not to let teachers put you down.I'll repeat it again to remind also myself.And of not only teachers  put you down,f*** everything.Find something that makes you happy.I take singing classes that I'm so proud but might have to give up because I'll probably have to take Romanian tutoring to get bigger grades at the final exams in the 12th grade.
It breaks my heart that f***ing school wrecks my dreams :(
Sometimes building your future hurts so bad :(
Ok,no more sadness...
CAKE CAKE CAKE...That's better :)

Love you all,
Put a smile on your face now!
It's an order!

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