Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Don't let teachers put you down

I guess you've noticed I didn't say people,but teachers.Lately,I've been feeling judged and put down by some of my teachers.Some days I just feel like giving up school.It is so hard to satisfy their claims it hurts my head.I just have to study study study.I want to have a life but I have to work my head for grades and watch my life pass like this?Why on earth would a teacher do that to you?
I understand they might not like their job but why would they want to make our life as miserable as theirs.We might not be the reason their lifes&jobs are bad.
And I've noticed they don't make any effort to make their jobs better.They just follow the routine of teaching.And when we have some bad days and might get some bad grades or forget to do our homework,it's just our fault.Have they even tried to understand us?
Sometimes :

I've heard so many sayings like:
A bad day not a bad life but my teachers make me hate my life.Is it so hard to smile or just make our lifes agreeable for the 4 years we have to spend together?
I'm not saying that all teachers are like this but the majority is.Still I'm grateful for those 1 or 2 teachers who understand us and try to make conversation with us and make us pay atention to their classes.

I hope I reached some of your hearts :)

Love you!

I totaly forgot to mention 2 good songs that made me smile a little :)
Yes they are K-pop songs,but the music videos are just to funny :D
Big Byung-Stress Come On
Orange Caramel-My copycat
Enjoy! :*

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