Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Things that make me smile :D

So,today it wasn't the best day ever because my sister caught the cold,I got some extra homework,plus my Romanian teacher revealed that the results at the simulations were not the best.Damn it!
So today I want to take a moment to remember the things that make me happy :)

1.Anything sweet :)
Chocolate,cake,cupcake,icecream,anything sweet.And yes,I want to look like a model.Still,being happy sounds better :)

I just love to escape this world and fall in love with unexistent caracters <3

3.Movies&T.V. Series
Action,Comedy,Romance...Or all in one :D

4.Feeling productive.
Like writing on this blog :)

Who doesn't love winning?
Better when you worked for it :D

6.Eating healthy and working out.
Lately I've been limping trough workouts and eating crap.I'm a little dissapointed but at least this doesn't stop me from speaking 3 languages.Which brings me to...

7.Learning languages.
Knowing you're multilingual is awsome!

After a good night sleep and feeling rested makes me smile.

Either classical or to dance to...MUSIC ALL THE WAY!!!

10.Looking at pretty pictures.
Weheartit is just the best picture source :)

The world is just a marvelous place worth seeing.

12.Knowing the people I love are healthy :)

Without it I'd probably be dead :(

Hope I covered everything :)

Hope to be more productive in the future :)

Love ya!

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