Thursday, 5 March 2015

Shoutout to my sick friends! :)

Some of my classmates have been attacked by the flu,so I'm here to cheer them up.
Since I'm better,I wish them to get well soon and they're not mysing much.The same teachers,the same annoying classes.
This weekend I have French Contest so I hope to do well :)
I also look forward,as always to relax.I'm so tired and nervewrecked.
Still reading PLL.Addiction XD.
To those of you who are reading and feel ,like,really tired,take a moment and breath.Everything is going to be Okay ;)Okay?
I enjoy walking from school and back home,with headphones in my ears.I feel like I'm actually part of the music video :D.But have to be really careful when crossing the street.
The advantage when listening to K-POP is that you imagine doing the dance with the members of the respective band.Altough I feel very awkward when Girl's Day Something pops.EHH :P.
If you don't know what I mean,then watch the Music Video...And Understand :))
I really encourage you to stress less in  school.I know carrying less is not a solution.But carrying a little,just a little less helps.Just still care about your grades and studying.You would be surprised how happy you are when you get good grades.Or is it just me?
Read guys!It's is so pleasant.I cannot believe I waited so much to read at least 50 pages a day.It helps so much.I still have time to study,workout,study....Yeah,basicly I study a lot.It's good for you too!!!


Bye guys!

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