Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Ok so I found today this awsome&cute table of elements created by Disney to help us learn it in a more fun and easy way.I wish I had it when I had to learn some of them.It's so brilliant and fun to read.Here you go :)
You can find this picture on blogs.disney.com
I give them the rights for picture.
Please don't sew me :)
I'm a really nice person :)
I told you yesterday that I restarted doing blogilates and holly fish my legs are dead :((
I forgot how impossibly hard her workouts are.If you aren't used to hardcore workouts DON'T try without firts trying her begginer callendars.
I still sweated like a pig.But feel good about myself :)
I want to look good for spring&summer :)
And of course be healthy :)
Anyways,I forgot to tell you I won a competition in writing poems in French.I got second place!:)
You bet I wasn't expecting winnig with a poem describing how bored I was :))
Ahh the feels of winnig :D
Ok guys,I don't know what else to tell you.
Always try things even though you might thing you won't get anything.Where did you think Y.O.L.O. came from?:))
Take risks.Winners participate before winning ;)
Love you all :)
Alexandra :*

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