Saturday, 7 March 2015

My goals are still very clear!

I'm saying this to all of you feel sometimes like the world is crumbling down around them or on them.
I feel like this so often that I already know what to tell myself':Get back up!
I would rather get back 100 times,I would rather make 100 mistakes but still get up.I'm NOT letting you or anybody to put me down.I have a goal,I see it,I run for it,I get it,I jump high and reach it and become the winner I'm meant to be!
We are always winnig if we get back up after a fall.If you remain on the ground after falling that makes you a loser.
I'll give an example.In 10th grade,I had so many B I had to study for at least 4 A's to have grade A at Romanian.In the last week of the first semester I fought so hard and got them.I felt so proud of myself.The same thing happened in Physics.I needed an A to have grade B in Physics.I hated Physics but I studied my butt off to get that m.f. grade.And got it.I love the feeling of self pride.It's like eating chocolate.You feel euphoric to the point of ultimate happiness.And I'm not saying this because I ate to much chocolate cake today I feel sick but at the same time I have so much energy I cannot see if I'm making grammar mistakes or straight ahead.Do not eat to many sweets or you just bought yourself a one way ticket to Diabetees.And It's bad don't laugh!
The point is that there will always will be people who will put you down.So forget them and look forward to your goal.You can as well give them a good push out of your way.Literaly!

Love ya guys,
OMG I remembered my name/// :O!

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