Thursday, 26 March 2015

Big A reveal&Zayn leaves One Direction

Ok so the last 2 days were packed.
Firts,the PLL comes to the end of season 6,so that meant that we finally found out who A was.
I'm not going to tell who it is because I don't want to spoil to you guys anything.
Since I'm not familiarised with all the caracters and obviously the books aren't necessary the same as the show , I'll just have to watch it and understand it.

I'm really like confused with the One Direction thing.
I don't know why Zayn left 1D,but I feel sorry towards the fans because,although I wasn't quite very in to it,I liked their songs.Their vibe and energy and smiles(Ok I get but you can't deny it)made them who they are today,loved and apreciated for their talent and charisma.
I experienced band "brake-ups" so I understand how sad and confused any directioner is right now,so hang in there buddies.What makes me really proud about their team is that they asked the fans to support him unconditionally.In my case,both the agency and bandmates freaked out and "hated" the member who left.I'm talking about Kris's departure from EXO.Yes it's another K-pop band but whether they're korean or british,they're still musicians and I appreciate good voices over language barrier.
I'm going to still listen to 1D and Zayn because they make good music.
Don't be sad Directioners(I don't know if it's with capital letter or like this,sorry :D)!
Everything will be better in the future :)

Much Love!

Alexandra :)

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  1. aww, you're such a sweetie! thanks for supporting us, the Directioners, darling <3